CentroMotion designs and delivers highly engineered products that enhance the safety, reliability, and productivity of equipment used in transportation, agriculture, construction, mining, and demanding industrial environments. Their innovative team works collaboratively with customers through their family of trusted, established brands, bringing deep subject-matter expertise in complementary technologies. This expertise, combined with their exceptional scale and geographic reach, makes them a reliable partner to helptheir customersachieve their goals, and provideenduserswiththe best equipment possible.


CentroMotion faced challenges due to rapid growth, risking document mismanagement, missed deadlines, and disorganization.


CobbleStone Software Contract Insight® Enterprise

  • Centralized system for CLM processes
  • Better handling of CLM issues & keydates
  • Custom reporting & field management


With an organization that is rapidly growing, it’s vital to have a centralized system to manage all contracts and important documents. Prior to implementing CobbleStone Contract Insight, CentroMotion had time-consuming procedures for managing their contracts. A situation like this can easily lead to documentation mismanagement, missed key dates, and overall disorganization.


CobbleStone Contract Insight® was chosen for organizational benefits that included a highly scalable platform, fit for an ever-evolving company like CentroMotion.

CentroMotion particularly enjoys the ability to tailor the fields to their needs which allows for reporting that is specific to the requirements of the leadership team. In addition, competitive pricing with a helpful and friendly CobbleStone support team further improved and diversified their experience.

After implementing CobbleStone Contract Insight, CentroMotion recognized the benefits of proper contract management. CentroMotion required an efficient and robust software suite that could handle the growth and has the scalability to expand alongside the company, and CobbleStone delivered.


“We have already seen an improvement with leadership’s ability to locate key contracts with our top customers and pull reporting on the relevant data in those contracts.”

~ Jake, Insurance & Risk Manager at CentroMotion


CobbleStone Contract Insight helped CentroMotion better handle their contract management issues. With access to CobbleStone’s implementation team, CentroMotion felt supported throughout the entire process. With tailored training sessions, CobbleStone® was able to provide attention to critical areas and foster open channels of communication to best assist CentroMotion with their transition.

Since implementation, CentroMotion is currently in the process of uploading current contracts into the system and has already seen a positive transformation in their organizational processes.

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About CobbleStone®

CobbleStone Software is an award-winning, leading contract lifecycle management (CLM) software provider that has helped organizations within the public and private sectors achieve source-to-contract lifecycle management success for over twenty five years, and counting.

CobbleStone is among the first to offer a contract management software product, and our ever-evolving products are the result of years of client feedback and industry knowledge. Our mission is to provide the most robust yet user-friendly contract solution on the market. Our contract management and procurement solutions are designed to save your organization money while maximizing your productivity. We’ve been selected by thousands of users worldwide from a vast array of industries. Our products have received acclaim from users and third-party analysts alike.

CobbleStone Software offers SaaS and on-premise (client-deployed) contract management software to help organizations boost revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. CobbleStone Contract Insight CLM software empowers organizations to efficiently manage their contracts from requests through renewals - including with the help of leading-edge eSourcing and eProcurement tools.

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