Why partner with us?  We can help qualified partners expand their business offerings so they can provide CobbleStone Software products and services to their existing customers and/or market to prospective customers.  Find more opportunities as a prime or subcontractor to CobbleStone. 

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Offer Contract Management, Vendor Management, & E-Sourcing Software

Why offer CobbleStone Software to your customers?

As a qualified partner, information technology consultants may offer software or implementation services related to CobbleStone products and/or become a referral partner of CobbleStone. 

Qualified partners can establish new or expanded revenue streams with their current customers and attract new customers.  With a CobbleStone Software solution, the benefits are enormous and may include the following:

  • Increase revenue streams by offering Contract Insight® products and services to your customers, members, and prospects with high-valued software license revenues.
  • Increase services revenues by expanding opportunities to provide CobbleStone Software services, configuration, project management, data entry, and system training opportunities to your existing and new clients. 
  • Leverage proven experience by becoming a qualified partner so your company can leverage CobbleStone's 20+ years of experience implementing, hosting, and supporting a state-of-the-art contract management software platform.
  • Reduce risk and avoid costly mistakes by promoting a tried, tested, and reliable solution.
  • Reduce costs by leveraging CobbleStone’s advanced SaaS software platform with Soc 2 Type 2 compliance, 99.9% uptime, full backups, and geographic grade disaster recovery.  If preferred, offer your customers CobbleStone’s on-premise deployed solution with a perpetual or rental license.

CobbleStone Qualified Partner Benefits

Gain focus, valuable experience, and client success! 

CobbleStone offers qualified partners training courses and other benefits to quickly familiarize themselves with CobbleStone Software, which may include: 

  • Access to CobbleStone training & marketing materials. As a CobbleStone partner, gain access to Contract Insight Software training classes, quality marketing materials, demo support, implementation support, and CobbleStone's expert staff to complement your efforts.
  • Keeping your customers happy. Partnering with CobbleStone helps retain happy customers.  Your customers have an end goal that typically involves having the tools to do their job well with the exceptional services you provide - all in a one-stop solution.  Selling CobbleStone’s software can give them a clear and simple path to reaching this goal.  By combining a proven software solution with your existing services, your customers (and your organization) can avoid the high cost and time lost due to “figuring it out on their own” - helping you to retain them as a clients versus losing your clients to another competitor.
  • Focusing on your core competency. Most successful companies have a solid core competency.  By providing CobbleStone’s software, your key staff can continue to build upon your organization’s core competency while leveraging a cost-effective and leading solution; potentially yielding high-quality revenues.
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Ready to Become a Qualified Partner?

Take the next steps to apply to be a CobbleStone Partner!

Applying to be a partner is easy. Reviewing the information on this site is step one.  Next, contact us at Partners@CobbleStoneSoftware.com or complete the form at the bottom of this page. 

  • Apply to be a partner: Then we will be in touch soon to go over the CobbleStone Partner Program details.  We will send you the partnering agreement to review and sign.
  • Receive quality training. Gain access to training and other events to help your company with configuring and supporting Contract Insight. CobbleStone's partners will be required to pass exams prior to being approved to offer CobbleStone Software.
  • Receive quality marketing materials. We will provide you with branded marketing materials so you can quickly get started building a professional marketing campaign.
  • Receive quality support. CobbleStone is here to assist your sales and support team forge a path toward success.

CobbleStone Software Partner Opportunities

Learn about CobbleStone's Referral Partner Program.

Referral Partner

Earn potential affiliate commission on sales. 

Cross-market to existing clients.

Open new markets. 

Learn about CobbleStone's Reseller Partner Program.

Reseller Partner

Earn potential higher revenue on sales. 

Strengthen existing client relationships. 

Open new markets. 

Learn about CobbleStone's Services Partner Program.

Services Partner

Earn potential revenue on services.

Strengthen existing client relationships.

Open new markets. 

Learn More About Becoming a CobbleStone Partner!

We will send you the partnering agreement for review. You must sign the partnering agreement to become a partner.  CobbleStone's partners may be required to pass examinations prior to being approved to offer CobbleStone Software.

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