OFAC Search Made Easy with Contract Management Software

Save time with Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) search automation and a highly configurable OFAC search process according to sanctions programs of the United States Department of the Treasury!

OFAC administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions under national emergency powers. The office protects against entities associated with foreign states, terrorists, those involved with weapons of mass destruction, those in enemy geographic locations, and others on the SDN (specially designated nationals) list. 

OFAC integration supports organizations with an intelligent OFAC search process for regulatory compliance management and risk prevention, helping organizations to more easily adhere to U.S. Treasury sanctions and OFAC compliance program regulations concerning blocked persons, specially designated nationals, financial institutions, and other entities of national security concern.  

Create, Send, & Sign Contracts Fast with CobbleStone Software
Create, Send, & Sign in Record Time 

 Send documents for signature from any request, bid, contract, vendor, employee, purchase order, or policy record. Don't worry about participants who don't use e-signatures - users can also sign manually to continue the process. 

CobbleStone Software Online E-Signatures
Online E-Signatures 

Store and retain signed documents in our secure online portal that provides end-to-end regulation over partially and fully executed e-sign documents. Leverage your DocuSign or Adobe Sign licenses for seamless integration, or choose CobbleStone's IntelliSign module. 


CobbleStone Bulk E-Signatures
Bulk E-Signatures

Send tens, hundreds, or thousands of documents for e-signature in mass. Manual processing for bulk addendum, HR documents, policy updates, and new agreements is a thing of the past.

CobbleStone Software Makes it Easy to Send and Sign Contracts
Easy to Send, Easy to Sign

Documents requiring signatures are easy to send and easy to sign, from anywhere and at anytime, with our e-signature module. Signatories can quickly sign from their email without downloading any software or applications.

User-Friendly Digital Signature Process

CobbleStone's digital signature software is an integrated solution that can help your organizations to remain compliant and adhere to regulations while securing the signing process. Digital signatures is a licensed add-on to CobbleStone's IntelliSign electronic signature tool. 

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Vendor, Customer, Partner, & Employee Compliance Management 


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Intelligent National Sanction Compliance Checks 

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Ongoing Scheduled Searches for Chosen Records

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Regular Audits for Compliance with OFAC Regulations

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Easy & Efficient OFAC Compliance & Risk Analysis

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Remain Aware with Business Partner  Violation Transparency 

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Scheduled OFAC Compliance Checks & Detailed Compliance Reports

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Option to Include Checks for Also Known As (AKA) records.

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