CobbleStone Software introduces the CobbleStone University Certification Program (CUCP) to strengthen and verify its Partner Network’s expertise in CobbleStone Contract Insight® Enterprise. While earning CUCP certification is not mandatory, it will grant you the CobbleStone Certified Partner badge. Currently, there are two types of badges: the CobbleStone Partner badge and the CobbleStone Certified Partner badge.

The CobbleStone University Certification Program is comprised of six assessments – a General Partner Assessment and five Unit Assessments that coincide with CobbleStone University’s standard Training Sessions. A score of 80% or greater is required to pass each assessment. Partners must pass all assessments to be awarded CobbleStone Certified Partner status.

CobbleStone® offers guided module-based learning materials hosted on our User Manual / Wiki to help ensure your success. Each Unit will include videos, screenshots, and descriptions of the content covered in the assessments. If you have any questions or need to schedule refresher training, contact your assigned Software Training representative or email

You can begin Unit 1 of the guided learning materials here and follow the pages for each Unit Assessment:

CobbleStone Certified Partner

CobbleStone Partner

CobbleStone Software proudly introduces CobbleStone Partner badges. All partners that have an active CobbleStone Partner Agreement will earn the CobbleStone Partner badge.


Certified Partner Description

The badge will appear in your CobbleStone Partner Network profile on the CobbleStone website. Badges can also be used in your social media, such as LinkedIn, to make your status as a CobbleStone partner stand out.

All partners that successfully pass the CUCP Assessments test will earn the CobbleStone Certified Partner badge.

CobbleStone Software Digital Credential Benefits



Reseller Partner

Earn potential higher revenue on sales. 

Strengthen existing client relationships. 

Open new markets. 

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