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We offer intelligent contract data discovery services so contract management professionals can easily abstract specified key data fields, terms, provisions, and conditions from legacy contracts. Get your team using the contract management software to its full potential by taking advantage of system features like key date alerts, notifications, reports, risk identification, and more.

CobbleStone's Data Extraction Proven 3-Step Process

CobbleStone Identifies Contract Documents

Identify Contract Documents

  • Determine contract key terms, clauses, and data to extract.
  • Send to CobbleStone - Let the magic happen.

Contract Insight Extracts Contract Data

Extract Contract Data, Terms & Clauses

  • Watch contract artificial intelligence do the work for you.
  • Monitor and review the contract information that has been extracted.
  • Simplify contract record creation.
  • Eliminate the headaches of loading historic data.
Improve Contract Visibilty with CobbleStone Software

Improve Contract Visibility

  • Structured contract data is imported with our user-friendly Import Wizard or CobbleStone services.
  • Leverage key terms and clauses for your benefit. Search, report and classify contracts and legal risks. Compare clauses and terms for changes.
  • Receive alerts, reports, and more to manage contract risk better. Determine contract key terms, clauses, and data to extract. 

Easily Extract Contract Data

Do you have large amounts of agreements that need to be searched, have data extracted, and be populated in CobbleStone's Contract Software? Don't be overwhelmed by the task of legal discovery and extracting contract data from agreements. At CobbleStone, we know that administering contract data can be time consuming and tedious.
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