Easy Government Contracting & Acquisition

CobbleStone's Contract Insight® is Trusted by Local, State, & Federal Government Agencies for Pre-Award to Post-Award Contract Management
Cost-Effective Government Contracting with CobblesStone Software

Cost-Effective Government  Contracting

Fiduciary goals are obtained by reducing costs. Use a complete system that supports requisition, bidding, rating, awards, contracts, monitoring, purchasing, source funding, budget management, payment, and close out. This is inclusive of annual rating of contract awards for performance. 

Achieve Legal Compliance with CobbleStone Software

Legal Compliance With Contracting

Legal compliance is obtained by leveraging workflow approvals, approved bids, contract templates, merging of approved clauses and terms, electronic signatures, and post-execution monitoring and close-out. Ensure best value contract awards with automated bid advertising. 


eProcurement & Contract Management with CobbleStone Software

Government Purchasing  & eProcurement 

CobbleStone Software was built to support better government contracting. This includes procurement transparency, fair competition, accountability, fiducial responsibility, legal compliance, and procedures set forth by the government agencies that require a higher degree of compliance.

Transparency with CobbleStone Government Contract Management Software

Transparency With Government Contract Management

Transparency is accomplished by providing visibility to comply with the disclosure required for the vendor selected by implementing the CobbleStone Contract Public Portal Module. Reduce open records requests with the self-serve contract public portal.

Contract Insight® Software is conveniently located on the United States GSA Schedule 70.

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Contract Insight is on United States GSA Schedule 70

A Simplified Government Contracting Process

Breeze through audits by using a compliance-based contract management software solution that includes:

Requisitions, Approvals, & Awards

Requisitions, Approvals, & Awards 


Compliance Monitoring with CobbleStone Software

Compliance Monitoring


Budget Alerts & Key Date Notifications

Budget Alerts & Key Date Notifications


Auto-Email & Calendar Alerts

Auto-Email & Calendar Alerts

User-Defined Fields in CobbleStone Software

Simplified Vendor Reporting


Intelligent Workflow Management with CobbleStone Software

Intelligent Workflows


Contract Closeout

Contract Performance & Closeout


Online Collaboration for Contracts

Online Collaboration


One Solution for Government With CobbleStone Software

One Solution for Government, State, Local, County, and City Contract Management

City, County, State, and Federal Government agencies face new regulations, FOIA (freedom of information) inquiries, and unique contract management challenges with vendor and procurement related contracts.

Establishing and maintaining formal business relationships with vendors, suppliers, and providers of goods and services can be difficult for government organizations without the proper software solution. CobbleStone Software can help.

Learn why Contract Insight® Vendor Management Software is trusted and selected by so many public sector contract managers and procurement professionals.  

Software Designed to Support Information Disclosure

All levels of government are tasked with finding innovative and cost-effective solutions to drive openness, transparency, and accountability for public contracts, records, and documents. 

We deliver advanced contract management software designed to support information disclosure for the public sector and regulated industries through each agency’s dedicated and branded Public Access Portal. Government agencies now have the opportunity to manage internal procedures and direct the general public to their custom Public Access Portal for all contract related FOIA (Freedom of Information) requests.


CobbleStone Software Supports Information Disclosure
CobbleStone's Customizable Public-Facing Portal

Fully Customizable Public-Facing Portal

Our fully customizable public-facing portal allows organizations to provide the general public with access to selected contract data and files/documents with feature and function-rich searching, querying, reporting, exporting, and downloading services to automate and minimize FOIA (Freedom of Information) request processing.

Contract Insight FOIA Solutions provide adherence to legislated and internal requirements through flexible business process automation and tracking. Cobblestone Software is a leader in solving government FOIA objectives no matter how large or small.

"Highly recommended to any organization requiring a highly customizable and supported solution for contract management." 

- Lorena, Assistant Contract Administrator

FAR Accelerator Packages

CobbleStone Software offers a Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) accelerator package for state and federal agencies and contractors. This accelerator add-on is optionally integrated with Contract Insight Enterprise Edition.

The FAR Clause Library is systematically extracted from the GSA Clause Matrix and is provided as an optional managed service update to client systems that have purchased the Accelerator and Managed Service Package.


CobbleStone Software Offers Far Accelerator Packages
Government Procurement with CobbleStone Software

Improve Competition With Government Procurement

Fair competition is achieved by leveraging the CobbleStone Solicitation Management Module and inviting suppliers to compete via a fair bidding process (inclusive of rating and scoring bids fairly). Accountability is achieved by utilizing CobbleStone Workflow features to ensure all vendors, bids, and contracts are approved in accordance to county, state, federal and/or regulatory procedures set forth by their respective agencies and as configured in the system. Additionally, CobbleStone Vendor and Procurement Software helps ensure that small and minority business goals are measured.

Powerful Integrations for Pre-Award to Post-Award Contracting 

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