User-Friendly Bid Management & Sourcing Software

CobbleStone's E-Sourcing Software supports integrated sourcing and contract management, easy solicitation and bid management, seamless bid document creation with RFx templates and clause library, line-item bids, integrated vendor management with insurance certificate tracking, vendor bid response rating and scoring, vendor diversity tracking,  spend management, easy contract awards, electronic signatures, searching and reporting, integrated bid and purchase order management, and so much more for cost reduction during the electronic sourcing and bid tender process!

CobbleStone E-Procurement Software is for organizations of all sizes

Centralized Repository

Integrated e-sourcing management, contract management, procurement software, and purchase order software simplifies managing and tracking the sourcing process. Procurement teams can monitor potential suppliers/vendors that offer requested goods and services, and identify if a request can be fulfilled internally or if it requires a purchase order or contract. Determine items in stock, contracts in place, if a request requires a formal bid, request for information (RFI), or request for proposal (RFP), if budget is available, and if you can release a purchase order.  


Accurate Contract Reports with CobbleStone

Review & Approve Sourcing Requisitions

Appropriate sourcing and vendor management staff receive notifications of new requisitions with centralized details of the sourcing events, items, amounts, and other configurable data required when a user is requesting to acquire a product or service. CobbleStone’s rules-based eSourcing software offers configurable workflows that route requests to the next approval steps. 


CobbleStone centralizes and meets procurement regulations

Meet Sourcing Regulations

CobbleStone® aids organizations in meeting e-sourcing compliance and related regulations, centralizes purchasing and e-sourcing management, supports e-sourcing collaboration, automates workflow approvals, better advertises to vendors, provides online bidding, and offers countless other tools to manage the overall sourcing and acquisition process. The eSourcing solution can save time, reduce costs, and streamline sourcing and procurement.

CobbleStone Software Online Report Designer

Flexible Deployment Options

CobbleStone E-sourcing Software offers flexible deployment options for more personalized installation, configuration, and support. Flexible hosting options allow organizations to maximize the benefits of eSourcing systems with cost savings within the first 30 to 60 days. CobbleStone E-sourcing Software may be locally-deployed or hosted by CobbleStone Software as a Cloud/SaaS solution with an annual hosting subscription.  

Essential E-Sourcing Capabilities

CobbleStone Sourcing Management Software offers in-demand eSourcing tools such as:

Vendor Selection & Registration is Easy with CobbleStone Software

Templates, Field Merging, & Dynamic Clauses


Take Control of Vendor Management with CobbleStone Software's Product Offerings

Configurable User-Defined Fields

CobbleStone Software Supports Vendor Ratings, Assessments, and Scorecards

Online Collaboration, Sharing, Reviewing, & Reporting


CobbleStone Vendor Management Software Custom Report and Design Tools

Bid Evaluations & Scoring


Better Negotiations and Tracking with CobbleStone Software

Electronic Approvals & E-Signatures


Vendor Performance Assessments with CobbleStone Software

Intelligent Automated Workflows


Online Collaboration with CobbleStone Vendor Management Software

 Configurable Dashboards & Email/Calendar Task Alerts


Powerful Integrated Solutions For:

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