Complete Contract Workflow...Simplified

CobbleStone's workflow automation engages the right people at the right time with unlimited contract notifications, auto-alerts, and steps. Leverage contract process management, contract templates, and more. Manage collaboration and negotiation by using workflows to track the process. Intelligent workflow automation reduces contract approval cycle time by eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring accountability.

CobbleStone's Intelligent Contract Workflow

Intelligent Workflow Engine

Enable automated workflows based on request type, data fields, rules, and more. Accept and reject actions, escalate alerts, and gain visibility with CobbleStone's Workflow Visualizer, a graphic workflow that displays contract approval expectations. 


CobbleStone Contract Request Tracking

Contract Request Tracking

Collect, track, review, and approve contract requests from employees and counterparties with easy-to-use intake forms. Our powerful contract request engine enables users to submit contract requests, collect and configure data fields, attach and review documents, and more. 


CobbleStone Software makes approvals easy

Approvals and Tasks On-the-Go

Alert key users of contract events and milestones with automated notification alerts. Each task is sent to the assigned user's email inbox and calendar to approve at the office or on-the-go. Never miss a step in your contract process again!

CobbleStone Software Deployment Options

Easy Workflow Creation

CobbleStone's flexible workflow tasks are rule-based, easy to create, and can be configured to meet your organization's needs. Create workflows for any existing tables and user-defined sub tables. System Administrators can quickly build and manage workflows in the user-friendly interface.

Complete Contract Workflow

Contract Insight™ Workflow allows you to collect & capture, organize, review, & do with:

Vendor Selection & Registration is Easy with CobbleStone Software

Rule-Based Intelligent Workflows


Take Control of Vendor Management with CobbleStone Software's Product Offerings

Configurable Custom User-Defined Fields

CobbleStone Software Supports Vendor Ratings, Assessments, and Scorecards

Workflow Visualizer & Audit Trails


CobbleStone Vendor Management Software Custom Report and Design Tools

Compliance for Full Audits, Sox, and HIPPA


CobbleStone Software Makes Managing Purchasing Simple

Unlimited Approvals & Automated Tasks

Better Negotiations and Tracking with CobbleStone Software

Analytics & Reporting


Online Collaboration with CobbleStone Vendor Management Software

 Personalized Dashboards, Email,& Calendar Task Alerts


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