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CobbleStone Education Contract Management Software is trusted by colleges, universities, and school systems.
Easy Education Contract Management with CobbleStone

Easy Education Contract Management 

Colleges, universities, and school systems face unique contract management challenges. As the leading contract management platform, we provide a streamlined and automated solution to help you with the difficult task of establishing and maintaining formal business relationships with vendors, suppliers, and providers of goods and services.

Better Education Contract Management With CobbleStone Software

Better Contract Management

You need a better way to keep track of price/cost schedules, document management, rebate tracking, and the overall contracting process within your educational institution. CobbleStone Software leverages your processes and provides ease-of-use, smooth transitions, high adoption rates, and rapid time-to-value. Easily bridge the gap between procurement, legal, and contract administrators.


CobbleStone Software has the education contract management features you need

The Features You Need

With our user-friendly platform, you have a one-stop contract management solution that automates your work while eliminating your stress. CobbleStone makes it easy to track contracts by location, manage vendors and vendor approvals, identify key dates with alerts, collaborate on contracts across multiple departments, and provide document templates to make contract authoring easy.

CobbleStone Software FOIA Solutions

Education Transparency

Public colleges and universities are tasked with finding innovative and cost effective solutions to drive openness, transparency, and accountability for public contracts, records, and documents. With Contract Insight™ FOIA Solutions, your organization will efficiently comply with FOIA regulations by providing the general public with self-serve access to selected government agency or departmental contract information.

Streamline & Automate the Entire Contract Lifecycle

A one-stop automated solution that eliminates your stress with:

CobbleStone's Feature-Rich Contract Repository

Feature-Rich Contract Repository 


Track Vendors & Suppliers with CobbleStone Software

Track Vendors & Suppliers


Control Spend & Manage Key Dates with CobbleStone Software

Spend Control & Key Date Notifications


Automated Alerts & Calendar Reminders with CobbleStone Software

Auto-Email & Calendar Alerts

Intelligent Workflows with CobbleStone Software

User-Defined Fields & Workflow 


CobbleStone Software Custom Public Portal for the Education Industry

Custom Public Portal


Standardized Contract Authoring with CobbleStone Software

Standardized Contract Authoring


Analyze Clause Negotiations with CobbleStone Software

Analyze Clause Negotiation


CobbleStone Software's Public-Facing Portal

Fully Customizable Public-Facing Portal

Public colleges and universities can now leverage CobbleStone’s fully customizable Public-Facing Portal that allows your school to provide the general public with access to selected contract data, files, and documents with feature and function rich searching, querying, reporting, exporting, and downloading services to automate and minimize Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request processing.

Contract Insight™ FOIA Solutions also provide adherence to legislated and internal requirements through flexible business process automation and tracking. 



"Due to the easy dashboard configuration, we bring our users a concierge experience...
CobbleStone is the most responsive and dedicated IT company I have ever worked with."

- Nina, Systems Analyst  

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