Streamlined Legal Document Automation

CobbleStone Software's legal contract drafting software centralizes and automates documents, contracts, agreements, risk, and more. Stop wasting time and money with a manual document drafting process. Enforce compliance and data security while eliminating challenges around data entry errors, storage, legal drafting software collaboration, distribution, and formatting with an award-winning legal document writing software system.

Complete Vendor Lifecycle Management with CobbleStone Software

Draft Contracts in Less Time

Quickly create accurate, timely, and compliant documents, letters, and contracts that merge your approved clauses with cloud-based legal documents in legal template software and drafting library software. Manage multiple templates and document versions within the best legal drafting software on the market, then easily export documents in .docx, PDF, and other file formats. Our MS Word and Google Drive plug-ins make review & drafting more time efficient within legal document drafting software.

Increase Efficiency of Vendor Management with CobbleStone Software

Permissions & Compliance

Legal document creation software System Administrators may configure complex rules and set user permissions for document version access and document management. Leverage approval routing and audit trail capabilities for all documents to support compliance. Feel confident using CobbleStone Software's legal document generation software for secure document assembly, collaboration, and storage.


Negotiate & Sign Deals Faster with CobbleStone Software

Negotiate & eSign Deals Faster

CobbleStone‘s contract drafting tools make creating agreements simple with online collaboration tools for internal and external parties. Save time routing approvals, tracking changes, and signing with electronic signatures by using our best-in-class document automation.

CobbleStone Legal Document Assembly Supports Team Collaboration

Built to Support Your Team

Virtually effortless contract drafting and document creation with collaboration is built for multiple team members. CobbleStone Software supports your team with legal discovery and enables legal holds. Get an edge with legal document production software that leverages your templates, clauses, and terms and conditions.

Document Assembly Made Easy

CobbleStone’s comprehensive, best contract drafting software helps organizations generate accurate and compliant documents fast. It's a user-friendly contract document assembly tool with key features including:

Vendor Selection & Registration is Easy with CobbleStone Software

Document Templates


Take Control of Vendor Management with CobbleStone Software's Product Offerings

Rule-Based Clauses With Merging

CobbleStone Software Supports Vendor Ratings, Assessments, and Scorecards

Contract Data Field Merging


CobbleStone Vendor Management Software Custom Report and Design Tools

Routing & Approval


CobbleStone Software Makes Managing Purchasing Simple

Document Version Tracking 


Better Negotiations and Tracking with CobbleStone Software

Electronic Signatures


Vendor Performance Assessments with CobbleStone Software

Automated Workflows


Online Collaboration with CobbleStone Vendor Management Software

MS Word Integration 

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