Contract Transformation with Artificial Intelligence

VISDOM systematically analyzes contracts originated by internal or external paper by transforming the documents into building blocks for improved contract oversight, proactive opportunity identification, and risk mitigation. VISDOM is powerful artificial intelligence (AI) backed by machine learning. Take advantage of smarter contracts with CobbleStone.

Data Mining and Extraction with VISDOM℠ AI

Data and Clause Extraction

VISDOM’s Data Mining and IntelliXtract helps give meaning to data by providing streamlined data insertion, evaluation, and risk identification.

Automated data entry

Reduce the time it takes to enter new contracts in your system. Identify key data like locations, dates, monetary values, emails, phone numbers, counterparties, and more. Don’t waste time manually importing field data when VISDOM can do that for you. 

Risk assessment mapping

When adding a new contract to CobbleStone Contract Insight®, VISDOM helps pinpoint potential risk by analyzing document text, allowing the system to identify both good and bad language in a contract based on rules-based sentiment.


Smart Features for a Streamlined Experience


CobbleStone Auto-Redline can automate the inclusion of clauses from users' approved clause library - virtually ensuring that favorable clause language is included.

Your Choice

Auto-redline documents ad-hoc or configure to auto-redline documents upon upload.

Swift Redlines In Action

Quickly see and manage automated redlines and comments with comprehensive audit trails.

Diversified Redline Experience

Compatible with MS Word and CobbleStone's native online document editor.

CobbleStone Software offers contract auto-redline for powerful contract negotiations.

CobbleStone's IntelliDraft AI is a VISDOM artificial intelligence tool for generative AI processes.

Your contract team can search from a database of thousands of real-life clauses, generate new clauses from real machine learning data, or leverage a user-friendly chat bot.

Use this complimentary AI tool today!



IntelliXtract is powered by VISDOM’s contract artificial intelligence.

More Power at Your Fingertips

IntelliXtract gives users the power to look into their contracts and agreements to find key terms, legal phrases, conditions, and other legal text.

Extraction and Beyond

CobbleStone's IntelliXtract identifies and extracts text and clauses using natural language processing with intelligent fuzzy logic matching of legal phrases and terms and structured data recognition.

Theory Calculator

VISDOM’s Theory Calculator provides users with recurring automated data analysis and on-screen recommendations to provide helpful guidance throughout the contract administration process.

Statistical data analysis

Determine positive, negative, or neutral facts about each contract in your system to help with visibility and strategy. If a contract has a value that is X% greater than the average contract value in your system, a message alert can be triggered as well as updated contract workflow processes.

Instant recommendations based on real-time data

Intelligent workflows provide users with recurring, on-screen recommendations and reports that provide them with overall contract visibility. Simplify key date notifications.

Identify sensitive data

Easily identify sensitive data like PII, employee data,  routing numbers, credit card numbers, SSN, or other information for redaction or elimination. 

VISDOM’s® Theory Calculator by CobbleStone Software
CobbleStone ConfigAI℠


CobbleStone's ConfigAI can provide proactive CLM field recommendations for metadata fields for contract clauses to streamline contract management software implementations.

ConfigAI's purpose is to allow your team to enjoy proactive, AI-based contract metadata field recommendations for extracted, common contract clause types.

Your team can also enjoy visibility and governance of these recommendations at a glance - and decide which contract clause metadata fields to capture.

Benefits of VISDOM AI

Smarter contracts integrate automation into the contract lifecycle, securely supporting visibility and compliance, and resulting in more control.

Better Contract Visibility

Take advantage of automated data review, risk assessments, intelligent workflows, and on-screen recommendations. 

Reduced Risk

Easily identify opportunities and mitigate risk based on historic data and organizational goals without having to evaluate each contract. 

End-to-End Software 

CobbleStone Software provides a feature-rich, configurable solution to fit your needs. 
Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Contract Management

Never miss a deadline again! Manage, track, and draft contracts faster. Automate and streamline the entire contract lifecycle with flexible features, and unlimited storage and version tracking.

Vendor Management Software

Vendor Management

Effectively manage the entire supplier relationship with easy access to critical vendor information, important documents, insurance certificates, workflows, scorecards, alerts, and more.

Bid Management & eSourcing Software

Bid Management & eSourcing

An enterprise-grade solution for sourcing, bid, acquisition, and solicitation management. Designed to work for organizations of all sizes, with a scalable architecture to meet a wide array of needs and requirements. 

E-Procurement Software


Automate and manage purchasing and sourcing cycles. Leverage requisitions, product and service items, approvals, budget levels, spend tracking, RFx assembly, online bidding, award management, and more.

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