Is CobbleStone Contract Insight hosted by CobbleStone or installed on our organization's servers?

CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise can be either deployed on your company's servers or hosted by CobbleStone Software (SaaS).

Are there online support materials available?

CobbleStone® provides its Wiki (easily searchable online documentation), user manuals, CobbleStone University training videos and certification program, training opportunities (including personalized training), and virtually unlimited email and phone help.

Which web servers are supported?

CobbleStone supports Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS).

Do you customize/configure your product per additional client requirements?

Yes, we will configure and/or customize CobbleStone Contract Insight per your requirements. Please send a list of requirements to and we will send you a quote.

Does CobbleStone Contract Insight support version control for contract documents?

Yes, CobbleStone Contract Insight allows for comprehensive versioning of contract documents entered into a contact record.

Does CobbleStone Contract Insight track agencies, employees, or departments?

CobbleStone supports contract tracking by department/agency, contract type, region, employee, category, and location as well as status code. CobbleStone can help track other important data fields that are user configurable via end-user defined fields.

Is there a limit to how many contracts I can have in the system?

No, there is no limit on how many contracts you can enter into CobbleStone Contract Insight. CobbleStone allows users to store virtually unlimited contract records and associated files/attachments.

What type of support and maintenance do you offer for your contract management software?

Support and maintenance are included in our SaaS (CobbleStone-hosted) system as part of the monthly fee. For the client-installed version, virtually unlimited annual support and maintenance are part of the annual maintenance and support plan.

Does the system support automated email alerts?

Yes, CobbleStone Contract Insight includes an email alert module with contract workflow tasks. Each contract can have virtually unlimited alerts to notify key users of contract events and milestones. The email alert module offers the ability to define standard alerts based on agency/department, contract type or status - and each task is displayed on the calendar while CobbleStone sends an email alert to the user's inbox.

Does the system track parent/master contracts and subcontracts?

CobbleStone can support the tracking of contracts, subcontracts, and sub tasks. You can view the main contract and subcontract listing on one screen and click on the subcontract link for the subcontract details.

Is hosting our applications on the cloud secure?

We take all available means to secure our customers' data and our data alike. Our systems are hosted on Microsoft Internet Technologies utilizing Windows Servers, .NET technologies, MS SQL Server, dedicated firewalls, monitored ports, monitored logs, backups, failover facilities, private webs, private databases, and server scans - all with username and password authentication.
We also provide dedicated Windows or third-party digital certificates such as VeriSign, DigiCert, and Thawte as an option.

Can users drag and drop files into CobbleStone Contract Insight?

Yes, users can drag and drop one or multiple files at a time into CobbleStone Contract Insight.

Is there an online demo?

Yes, we offer a full featured demo; please complete the form at the bottom of this page to request your demo.

Is there any training offered?

We offer several online manuals and documents. Additionally, we offer virtual or on-site training. We also offer train-the-trainer programs. Please contact us at to price a training program that meets your needs.

What databases does CobbleStone utilize? What databases does it support?

CobbleStone Contract Insight is hosted on MS Windows Server (or Virtualized Servers), MS SQL server database, .NET, and Internet Information Services (IIS).

Will I be able to search all of the documents/attachments in CobbleStone Contract Insight?

Yes, CobbleStone Contract Insight fully indexes text-based files that are entered into the system to make them fully searchable. Additionally, CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise features an in-line OCR tool that will convert scanned documents into metadata fields to be indexed and searched.

What reports are included?

CobbleStone supports many standard report views. CobbleStone Contract Insight also includes a custom report builder, visually-engaging contract management dashboards, and an ad-hoc query tool. Please refer to the online demo to review report functionality.

Can ad-hoc reports be saved and assigned to users?

Yes, CobbleStone Contract Insight supports the ability to save reports and assign users permission to view them. You can also export and save your reports to virtually any file format.

Are global user-defined fields supported?

Yes, CobbleStone supports the ability to add flexible user-defined fields. Users can create fields as text boxes, text areas, dates, money, numbers, drop-down lists, and decimals. You can create specific fields per contract type, giving you the flexibility to track the data for each type of contract. You can also query and report off of virtually any field.

Does CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise include user-configurable dashboards?

Yes, CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise includes flexible user-defined dashboards that allow your users to configure their screens to match their needs. Admin users can also create and assign default dashboards for their users to see right when they log in.

Can all reports be exported and emailed?

Yes, CobbleStone provides the ability to create custom reports and send them via email ad-hoc or on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. You can also export and save your reports to multiple file formats.

Is there an ad-hoc reporting tool included?

Yes, CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise includes ad-hoc query and custom online report designer tools. You can query and report off of any field.

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