Chiesi USA is a specialty pharmaceutical company that is committed to research, development, production, and commercialization of innovative products in the areas of cardiovascular, respiratory, neonatology, rare disease, and special care therapeutics. Their mission is to be recognized as a research-focused international group, developing and providing innovative, value-adding medical solutions to healthcare providers and their patients.


Finding a software that could meet Chiesi’s needs and accommodate for their rapid growth, lack of interactive system for contract lifecycle management, and milestone management.


CobbleStone Software Contract Insight® Enterprise

  • Cost Effective
  • User-Friendly
  • Configurable


Chiesi was faced with a few main challenges that initiated the implementation of contract management software. One challenge was the fact that they were growing at an extremely rapid pace, making it harder to stay organized. Another pair of challenges that Chiesi endured, related to rapid growth, was the lack of an interactive system for contract lifecycle management and the lack of checklist and milestone management. With their rapid growth and lack of means to manage the effects of this growth, it was a no-brainer to invest in a contract lifecycle management system.


Chiesi chose CobbleStone’s Contract Insight® because of its great functionality that met their most important needs. A few specific reasons why Chiesi chose CobbleStoneContract Insight to manage their contracts, versus a different contract management provider, were because of the user-friendliness, configurability, and cost effectiveness of our software. Furthermore, Chiesi assessed the services they received from CobbleStone Software. A Senior Paralegal at Chiesi stated that the quality of service received was, “stellar, [they] walked me through it step by step.”


“We have expanded the utility of CobbleStone in our business even more than we originally envisioned, and staff has always been helpful in getting us where we needed to go.”

~ Sue B., Senior Paralegal at Chiesi


CobbleStone Contract Insight Contract Management Software helped Chiesi better handle all of their contract management issues. They were provided with a contract management software system that allows them to manage all of their contracts and meet their unique needs. A Senior Paralegal at Chiesi also stated, “We have expanded the utility of CobbleStone in our business even more than we originally envisioned, and staff has always been helpful in getting us where we needed to go.”

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About CobbleStone®

CobbleStone Software is an award-winning, leading contract lifecycle management (CLM) software provider that has helped organizations within the public and private sectors achieve source-to-contract lifecycle management success for over twenty five years, and counting.

CobbleStone is among the first to offer a contract management software product, and our ever-evolving products are the result of years of client feedback and industry knowledge. Our mission is to provide the most robust yet user-friendly contract solution on the market. Our contract management and procurement solutions are designed to save your organization money while maximizing your productivity. We’ve been selected by thousands of users worldwide from a vast array of industries. Our products have received acclaim from users and third-party analysts alike.

CobbleStone Software offers SaaS and on-premise (client-deployed) contract management software to help organizations boost revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. CobbleStone Contract Insight CLM software empowers organizations to efficiently manage their contracts from requests through renewals - including with the help of leading-edge eSourcing and eProcurement tools.

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