The mission of the El Paso County, Texas Auditor’s Office is to provide financial information on the fiscal affairs of the government and support the Commissioners Court, officials, department heads, and the public with the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and emphasis on financial accountability. They aim to create and maintain an environment of sound fiscal management and efficient financial operations at all levels of county government.


Finding a software system that could support in-depth, centralized contract management – something that has been severely missing at El Paso County for decades.


CobbleStone Software Contract Insight® Enterprise

  • Centralization of contracts
  • Alerts for expiring contracts


Numerous missed expiration dates and grant requirements were two large factors that led El Paso County, Texas to seek a software system that could support in-depth, centralized contract management. They could no longer take risks with their contract deadlines, which was a problem they were trying to solve for decades. The lack of communication between departments and lackadaisical approval processes made it even more difficult for El Paso County, Texas’ deadlines to be met. They needed a centralized repository where they could quickly and effectively find and manage all of their contracts.


CobbleStone’s Contract Insight® has allowed El Paso County to develop reporting functions and their Contract Report Card System, consisting of a series of drill down reports. This has allowed Contract Management the ability to give a big picture view of the contract situation at any point in time. CobbleStone Contract Insight has empowered the County’s departments with core contract knowledge and responsibility. The County also developed a contracts deliverables section so that departments can better manage their individual contracts. Overall, the contract system has reduced the number of expired contracts and streamlined how and when departments address expiring contracts. This has improved the quality of service delivery to the County as well as established greater accountability on vendors.

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“Highly recommended to any organization requiring a highly customizable and supported solution for contract management.”

~ Lorena Rodriguez, Assistant Contract Admin


CobbleStone Contract Insight Contract Management Software helped El Paso County, Texas better handle all of their contract management issues. Lorena, Assistant Contract Admin at El Paso County, said, “Cobblestone has worked with the County on any and all issues, concerns, and hurdles the system development has presented. Staff goes out of their way to take care of the County as a customer.” El Paso County was provided with a centralized contract management software system that allows for future expansion, and all of their contracts are now just a click away.

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CobbleStone Software is an award-winning, leading contract lifecycle management (CLM) software provider that has helped organizations within the public and private sectors achieve source-to-contract lifecycle management success for over twenty five years, and counting.

CobbleStone is among the first to offer a contract management software product, and our ever-evolving products are the result of years of client feedback and industry knowledge. Our mission is to provide the most robust yet user-friendly contract solution on the market. Our contract management and procurement solutions are designed to save your organization money while maximizing your productivity. We’ve been selected by thousands of users worldwide from a vast array of industries. Our products have received acclaim from users and third-party analysts alike.

CobbleStone Software offers SaaS and on-premise (client-deployed) contract management software to help organizations boost revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. CobbleStone Contract Insight CLM software empowers organizations to efficiently manage their contracts from requests through renewals - including with the help of leading-edge eSourcing and eProcurement tools.

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