CobbleStone Roadshow Client Training Feb 2024
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CobbleStone Contract Insight® Virtual Client Training


As a valued CobbleStone user, we invite you to an interactive training experience led by CobbleStone Contract Insight experts! With virtual and in-person options, we’re excited to provide you with small-group training sessions with CobbleStone Trainers and fellow System Admins - designed specifically for System Admins to drive their most optimal route toward contract management and eProcurement success!

We are excited to bring our 2024 Roadshow experience to you! Our virtual Roadshow offers a half-day group-training experience, covering several key features of CobbleStone Contract Insight. This virtual experience is a shortened, convenient training with CobbleStone Contract Insight experts.

Hop in as we travel on the road to contract lifecycle management success. Together we’ll discover how to leverage configurable data fields, system dashboards, ad-hoc reports, dynamic workflows, and more! Enroll today for your dedicated learning experience to see how you can take further advantage of everything that CobbleStone Contract Insight has to offer.

Event Date & Time: July 26, 2024, 1 PM ET

Space is limited. Enroll today by visiting the event page at this link.

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