User-Friendly Government Contract Management & Solicitation Software

CobbleStone's Contract Insight® Puts Purchasing Excellence at Your Fingertips. Streamline How Your Agency Manages Contracts, Vendors, and Purchasing from Pre-Award to Post-Award Contract Management. 


Simplified Requisition Management



E-Sourcing & E-Procurement



Vendor Registration & Management



Contract Lifecycle Management



Intelligent, Automated Workflows



Bid & Contract Authoring


CobbleStone-Software-Orange-Icon-2020-Unlimited-Contract Storage

Unlimited Contract Storage


CobbleStone-Software-Orange-Icon-2020-Online-Negotiations & E-Signatures

Online Negotiations & E-Signatures


Essential Sourcing & Acquisition Features


Cost-Effective Government  Contracting

Fiduciary goals are obtained by reducing costs. Use a complete system that supports contract writing, requisition, bidding, rating, awards, contracts, monitoring, purchasing, source funding, budget management, payment, and close out. This is inclusive of annual rating of contract awards for performance. 


Legal Compliance With Contracting

Legal compliance is obtained by leveraging workflow approvals, approved bids, contract templates, merging of approved clauses and terms, electronic signatures, and post-execution monitoring and close-out. Ensure best value contract awards with automated bid advertising. 



Government Purchasing  & eProcurement 

CobbleStone Software was built to support better government contracting. This includes procurement transparency, fair competition, accountability, fiducial responsibility, legal compliance, and procedures set forth by the government agencies that require a higher degree of compliance.


Transparency With Government Contract Management

Transparency is accomplished by providing visibility to comply with the disclosure required for the vendor selected by implementing the CobbleStone Contract Public Portal Module. Reduce open records requests with the self-serve contract public portal.

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