Control Vendor Collaboration

CobbleStone’s secure, online Vendor Collaboration Software streamlines the contract negotiation, review, and signature process. No task is forgotten and all parties are kept in the loop with emailed documents and task alerts. System Administrators control access and ensure compliance by setting permissions for users and collaborators. 

CobbleStone Software Online Collaboration

Online 3rd Party Collaboration

Effortlessly negotiate contracts and collect data from vendors and clients online. Quickly research, track, and send vendor and client data while capturing contract data, files, and notes. CobbleStone provides configurable web-based data collection with configurable sub-grids and data fields. Use alerts to monitor your vendors and clients, and leverage plug-ins to collect vendor and client data on external sites and applications. 


CobbleStone Document Review and Sharing

Document Sharing & Review

Securely share documents and reports between all transacting parties. Collaborate online and solicit input from vendors, clients, and your team while tracking unlimited notes and comments. Streamline the contract lifecycle and simplify negotiations with optional registration management and additional vendor/client collaboration gateway login access for additional representatives from their organizations.


Manage Procurement Better With CobbleStone Software

Manage E-Procurement Better

Track requisitions, requests, bids, purchases, procurement, and payments with CobbleStone’s integrated E-sourcing Vendor Management System. Improve the overall purchasing-procurement process with team collaboration, workflow approvals, and online bidding. Provide public access to your advertised list of public procurement request opportunities via your branded portal, or provide secure access via login to your list of non-public procurement request opportunities.

CobbleStone supports faster RFX

Faster RFx's & Bidding

Release and advertise bids and RFx’s online. Easily prepare and track bid records, track important procurement fields, track the RFx process, sole source, workflow approvals, document settings, bid/response dates, and other procurement activities. Enable online questions and answers during the bid/procurement process and vet suppliers for your bid and procurement initiatives. 

Vendor Negotiation Made Easy

Generate accurate and compliant documents in less time. Our best-in-class contract-document assembly tool includes in-demand features that include utilizing base templates, rule-based clause and section merging, field merging, routing and approval, and more:

Vendor Selection & Registration is Easy with CobbleStone Software

Centralized Document Repository


Take Control of Vendor Management with CobbleStone Software's Product Offerings

Secure Negotiation Portal

CobbleStone Software Supports Vendor Ratings, Assessments, and Scorecards

Searching & Reporting


CobbleStone Vendor Management Software Custom Report and Design Tools

E-Signatures & Electronic Approvals


CobbleStone Software Makes Managing Purchasing Simple

Document Version Tracking 


Better Negotiations and Tracking with CobbleStone Software

Branded Portal


Vendor Performance Assessments with CobbleStone Software

Intelligent Automated Workflows


Online Collaboration with CobbleStone Vendor Management Software

Email & Calendar Alerts


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