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Enhance Your Legal Operations with Contract Lifecycle Management Software

ACCNE CobbleStone On-Demand Webinar 2024


This on-demand webinar is an invaluable opportunity to see strategic contract management in action! ACC-Northeast invites you to watch this on demand webinar as CobbleStone demonstrates the cutting-edge capabilities of AI-based CLM software - tailored to meet the sophisticated, ranging needs of in-house legal professionals.

Presented as a use case scenario, CobbleStone explores how the latest advancements in legal technology will help streamline your legal operations and how it can help general counsel, corporate counsel, paralegals, and other legal professionals to:

  • automate contract drafting with AI.
  • centralize contract negotiation and approvals.
  • enhance compliance.
  • optimize risk management.
  • streamline searching and reporting.
  • proactively measure key contract management KPIs.

Discover the trusted modern tools that empower legal departments to efficiently and effectively manage contracts from inception to renewal or expiration. With CobbleStone Contract Insight®, you can take control of your contracts and legal operations. 

Ready to see contract management software in action? Fill out the form to access the on-demand webinar.

Watch On-Demand Webinar

Presenter's Biography

Gormley Headshot 160x160Michael Gormley Jr. has been with the CobbleStone Software team since January of 2018. Michael progressed through his career at CobbleStone becoming a Senior Account Manager and then CobbleStone Sales Manager. During Michael’s time with CobbleStone he has assisted many clients in the evaluation and onboarding process to present the numerous benefits of CobbleStone’s CLM software, provided advanced support with client contract administration requirements, assisted with a frictionless implementation process, and supported post execution activities to ensure a positive client ROI.



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