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CobbleStone Contract Insight® is trusted by leading Software and Information Technology (IT) companies, IT product development organizations, and providers of IT-Enabled Services (ITES) across the world.

Manage Software & IT Contracts

CobbleStone® contract lifecycle management (CLM) empowers software companies to create, negotiate, and manage contracts with clients, developers, and other internal and external stakeholders. Agile development contracts can be easily tracked and modified, ensuring that software projects stay aligned with client expectations and regulatory requirements. IT and legal teams remain nimble and responsive throughout the development lifecycle. CobbleStone simplifies license tracking, ensuring that software companies maintain accurate records of usage and compliance. This mitigates the risk of legal disputes and enables efficient management of intellectual property assets.


Manage Vendors & Procurement Processes

CobbleStone enables software development companies to streamline their procurement processes from PR (purchase requisitions) to PO (purchase orders). Procurement teams can strategically select vendors based on configured vendor evaluation criteria - empowering organizations to make informed decisions by choosing partners that align with their technological and business goals, fostering innovative contract collaboration that drives software advancements. The vendor collaboration gateway removes communication barriers among partners, leading to improved outcomes, streamlined approval workflows and contract processes, and reduced risks.


Collaborate Across Teams

CobbleStone Contract Insight facilitates seamless communication, document sharing, and collaboration on contract-related tasks typically used in the software and IT industry that operates with globally distributed teams and remote workers. This fosters cohesive contract management system collaboration, accelerates decision-making and approval processes, and promotes efficient contract creation and management across borders and time-zones.


Track Regulatory Compliance

Stringent regulations and data security concerns dominate the software and IT landscape. CobbleStone enables organizations to leverage contract management tools to monitor contract terms and deadlines while meticulously tracking compliance and security obligations within contracts. This ensures that software projects remain in accordance with industry standards, safeguarding sensitive information and mitigating risks and legal complications.

Leading Contract Management Software Features

Document Management & Contract Drafting

Feature-Rich Contract Repository & Audit Trails


Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

Vendor Collaboration & Customer Management


Financial Reporting & Audit Tracking

Drag-And-Drop Drafting With Contract Templates


Auto-Email, Task, & Calendar Alerts

Online Negotiations & Compliance Monitoring

Auto Extraction & User-Defined Fields

Auto-Email, Task, & Calendar Alerts


Intelligent Workflow Management

Storage Limitations & Key Date Notifications


Price, Cost, & Compliance Tracking

Auto Extract & Intelligent Workflows


Online Negotiations with Electronic Approvals

Custom Reporting & Status Tracking


Go from basic contract management to automated software & IT operations by unlocking the full potential of your contract and procurement processes.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Software and IT, CobbleStone Contract Insight stands as a powerful ally. With features tailored to the unique challenges of the industry, such as vendor selection, agile project contracts, compliance tracking, and remote team collaboration, our software empowers companies to navigate the complex landscape of contracts with confidence. Experience enhanced vendor relationships, streamlined contract management, and regulatory compliance, all while driving successful software projects and automating workflows. Elevate your software and IT operations with CobbleStone Contract Insight and unlock the full potential of your contract and procurement processes.

Contract Management for Software and IT Industry with CobbleStone Software
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