Contract Manufacturing Management Just Got Easier!

CobbleStone Contract Insight® is trusted by leading manufacturing industry organizations and production units.

Reduce the Daily Struggle

Say goodbye to paperwork overload and missed deadlines. With CobbleStone®, you can effortlessly manage supplier contracts, procurement deals, distribution agreements, and regulatory compliance, all while optimizing cost controls. Leverage our advanced features like contract tracking, automated notifications, and document management to enhance collaboration across teams and vendors long-term.


Contract Management and More!

Centralize contracting processes with RFIs, RFPs, and RFQs for suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, and service providers in the manufacturing industry. Leverage advanced contract negotiation tools for obtaining favorable terms and reducing costs for production process, raw materials, product design, final products, and other contract related expenses. Ensure compliance with industry standards and stay ahead in the competitive contract manufacturing company landscape.


The Features You Need

With our user-friendly supply chain management system and CLM software platform, automate your work while reducing risk and wasted time. Track a high volume of distributor agreements, vendors and approvals, order and shipment statuses and key dates with alerts. Teams can maintain regulatory compliance, collaborate on different types of contracts across teams and other external entities, and use document templates to capture essential terms and conditions and accomplish contract authoring swiftly.


Fast Implementation, Fast ROI

CobbleStone Software provides fast, high-quality implementation so you can see ROI in key areas in as little as 30 days. Our cloud-based contract solution makes it easy to get started without the struggle of finding your IT team to migrate data. We take care of the details to get you up and running within days. CobbleStone Contract Insight can be hosted as a SaaS on our servers or you can bring the system in-house for added control of your manufacturing and allied contracts. 

Streamline & Automate the Entire Contract Lifecycle

One-stop Contract Management and Procurement Solution for:

Document Management & Contract Drafting

Feature-Rich Contract Repository


Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

Vendor & Customer Management


Financial Reporting & Audit Tracking

Contract Requests & Contract Drafting


Auto-Email, Task, & Calendar Alerts

Online Negotiations & Compliance Monitoring

Auto Extraction & User-Defined Fields

Auto-Email, Task, & Calendar Alerts


Intelligent Workflow Management

Storage Limitations & Key Date Notifications


Price, Cost, & Compliance Tracking

Auto Extract & Intelligent Workflows


Online Negotiations with Electronic Approvals

Custom Reporting & Status Tracking


Embrace Contract Management for Manufacturing Industry

CobbleStone Contract Insight - a comprehensive CLM and Procurement Software - is selected by thousands of users worldwide in a variety of industries including manufacturing, production, supply chain, & distribution. Experience the transformative power of CobbleStone and unlock your true potential by focusing on what matters most - innovation and growth. With our solution, streamline your contract management and supplier management processes to boost productivity, minimize risks, and empower efficiency. Our real-time analytics and reporting enable data-driven decision making, optimizing contract negotiations and performance evaluations.

Contract Management for Manufacturing Industry with CobbleStone Software
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