CobbleStone Software Pioneers Million-Clause Initiative to Enhance Contract Artificial Intelligence


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    CobbleStone Software is pleased to announce its momentous million-clause initiative to nurture and enhance its proprietary contract artificial intelligence engine with machine learning - VISDOM® AI.Register for Free Contract Management Masterclass


    CobbleStone® aims to enter a staggering 1,000,000 clauses into VISDOM AI for an incredibly robust repository of real-life clauses for machine learning. Natural language processes (NLP) and named-entity recognition are the foundations of this momentous and bold initiative for CobbleStone Contract Insight® users to enjoy an ever more intelligent contract management process.

    VISDOM’s knowledge base will include over 140 standard clauses, as well as many uncommon clause categories tailored to industry-specific contract management software needs. Some common clauses that VISDOM learns from to become even more strong are:

    > Indemnification Clauses
    > Assignability Clauses
    > Notices
    > Jurisdiction Clauses
    > Value Clauses
    > Confidentiality Clauses
    > Amendments
    > Waivers
    > Intellectual Property Clauses

    CobbleStone Contract Insight users can also easily add their own clauses to VISDOM for powerful machine learning in addition to those in this million-clause initiative.

    "We at CobbleStone Software are eager to forge ahead on this bold and momentous million-clause initiative for the betterment of our clients’ intelligent contract lifecycle management processes," says Mark Nastasi, President of CobbleStone Software.

    "CobbleStone users with VISDOM can enjoy a contract intelligence engine that has learned from up to 1 million common, industry-specific, and niche clauses out of the box for unprecedented contract oversight!”

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