CobbleStone Software Press Round Up April & May 2024


    CobbleStone Software shares its Press Room roundup for March 2024.

    Read below to see all press releases from CobbleStone Software in April and May 2024. Interested in learning more about CobbleStone Contract Insight? Book a free demo of our award-winning contract management, eSourcing, & procurement platform today.


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    CobbleStone Software Announces Their Contract Management Conference in October 2024

    CobbleStone Software has recently announced that they are hosting their fifth user conference, this time in Las Vegas from October 16th to October 18th.

    "Following the large success of our last conference in Austin, Texas, we are excited to be bringing that energy to Vegas this year. Attendees will be surrounded by some of the best minds in the CLM space and we look forward to hosting and educating about the benefits of efficient CLM processes," says Mark Nastasi, EVP and Founder of CobbleStone Software.



    CobbleStone Software Hosting Webinar on The Effects of Trauma and Compassion Fatigue on the Lawyer Who Cares

    CobbleStone® will host a CLE webinar on April 24, 2024, at 2PM ET, with speaker Brian Quinn on the burnouts many lawyers face.

    "Mental health and the well-being of any professional is extremely important. We are glad to have Brian join us again to deliver this message for legal professionals. We aim to inform lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals of the importance of preventing burnout and what solutions are available to them," says Mark Nastasi, EVP and Founder of CobbleStone Software.



    CobbleStone Software Recognized in Multiple Spring 2024 Reports by G2

    CobbleStone Contract Insight® has been recognized in multiple Spring 2024 reports including High Performer, Best Support, and Easiest Setup by G2, the world's largest and most trusted software marketplace.

    "Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real software buyers. Potential buyers know they can trust these insights when researching and selecting software because they’re rooted in vetted, verified, and authentic reviews," says Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2.



    CobbleStone Software Dives Deep into the Benefits of AI-Based Contract Management

    CobbleStone Software has released a new guide that highlights the 5 ways AI-based contract management can optimize legal operations.

    "Understanding the relationship between AI and contract management is vital in today’s world. Legal professionals can experience firsthand the positive impact AI-based CLM can bring to their organizations with CobbleStone Contract Insight®," says Bradford Jones, VP of Sales and Marketing at CobbleStone Software.

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    CobbleStone Software Included in the United Nations Global Compact Once Again

    CobbleStone has been once again included in the impactful UN Global Compact, showing their dedication to corporate sustainability.

    "We are honored to continue our involvement with this noble initiative and look forward to creating a sustainable and bright future for all," says Mark Nastasi, EVP and Founder of CobbleStone Software.



    CobbleStone Software Announces Completion of Their Million Clause Initiative

    CobbleStone® has officially surpassed its goal of feeding a million clauses to its industry-leading contract intelligence engine with machine learning, VISDOM AI®.

    "We are thrilled to complete our highly-anticipated million clause goal, and we're proud to provide clients with an enriched and knowledgeable contract intelligence engine to streamline CLM processes across industries and sectors," says Mark Nastasi, EVP and Founder of CobbleStone Software.


    CobbleStone Software contract management recipe book.


    CobbleStone Software Provides Contract Lifecycle Management Solution for CentroMotion

    CobbleStone® publishes a case study showcasing how they helped CentroMotion to positively transform their contract management challenges with advanced CLM software solutions.

    "It's an honor to assist organizations with the support they need, and working with CentroMotion has been transformative. We hope legal professionals struggling with similar contract organizational issues read this and see the strong and positive impact CobbleStone Contract Insight can have on their organizations," says Mark Nastasi, EVP and Founder of CobbleStone Software.



    CobbleStone Software Named Highest Rated CLM Platform and Recognized in Multiple CLM Awards by Theorem for 2024

    CobbleStone Contract Insight® has been named the Highest Rated CLM Platform and recognized in multiple LegalTech 2024 awards in the CLM category by Theorem, including Top Rated and Challenger.

    "Verified users from across our legal marketplace have recognized CobbleStone Software as the Highest Rated Contract Lifecycle Management Platform. This award clearly highlights their significant contributions to the field and exemplifies how targeted innovations can enhance the efficiency of contract management and negotiation processes," says Joshua Maley, Managing Director of the LegalTech TAM Awards.



    CobbleStone Software Releases CobbleStone Contract Insight® Enterprise Edition Version 22.2.0

    CobbleStone® has released its latest software update, which includes new features and enhancements that will aid in streamlining contracting and eProcurement processes.

    "We've kept contract management and eProcurement automation in mind when bringing these AI-powered features. With the centralization of VaaS artificial intelligence and other user-friendly tools, we continue to innovate along with the industry," says Mark Nastasi, EVP and Founder of CobbleStone Software.



    CobbleStone Software Mentioned in MGI Research's 2024 CLM Top 35 Buyer's Guide

    CobbleStone Software continues to add to its ever-growing awards and accolades by earning high regards from MGI Research in MGI's Contract Lifecycle Management Top 35 Buyer's Guide.

    "It's an honor to be included in the MGI Research CLM Top 35 Buyer's Guide. CobbleStone Contract Insight continues to make strides in the CLM space; readers of MGI Research's report will see how CobbleStone sets itself apart from others in the industry with leading features and award-winning service," says Mark Nastasi, EVP and Founder of CobbleStone Software.


    CobbleStone Software Launches New Generative AI Engine - IntelliDraftSM AI

    CobbleStone® is proud to present its native, future-minded generative artificial intelligence engine, IntelliDraft AI.

    "CobbleStone prides itself on meeting industry demands with forward-thinking contract management functionality. We trust that IntelliDraft AI will afford business professionals across industries next-level contract clause generation and oversight," says Mark Nastasi, EVP and Founder of CobbleStone Software.



    CobbleStone® Whips Up Culinary-Themed Guide to Mastering the Art of Contract Management

    CobbleStone has released its latest whitepaper, structured as a cookbook, that explains contract lifecycle management from a culinary perspective.

    "CobbleStone remains an industry leader by providing legal professionals with important content that can benefit their organizations, and we keep it exciting by using non-traditional methods that are both engaging and educational," says Bradford Jones, VP of Sales and Marketing at CobbleStone Software.



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