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Innovative Contract Lifecycle Management for Public-Sector Projects


CobbleStone Software was recently awarded a contract for WSIPC RFP 23-01 Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions. As a WSIPC Purchasing Program partner, our goal is to offer innovative solutions for contract lifecycle management while focusing on enhancing efficiency, transparency, and compliance in the management of contracts within the educational and government (local, state, and federal) sectors.

To that end, this on-demand webinar leverages WSIPC's Purchasing Program’s solutions that respond to the unique needs of public schools and districts, combined with CobbleStone's advanced contract management software offering and experience (which it has cultivated and refined since 1995).

We invite you to hear from WSIPC as they share information on the Cooperative, and how you can purchase software from their Purchasing Program. You will also enjoy a preview of CobbleStone Contract Insight CLM software.

We will show you how contract management software can:

  1. Simplify and automate contract creation, approval, and post-award contract lifecycle management, reducing administrative burden and improving turnaround times.
  2. Ensure that contracts adhere to regulatory standards and mitigate risks through enhanced oversight, proactive risk, and opportunity mapping and assessment.
  3. Provide robust analytics, dashboards, and reporting tools to facilitate informed decision-making and strategic planning.
  4. Leverage flexible and scalable solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of different public-sector entities.
  5. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems within the public sector for a unified and efficient workflow.
  6. Facilitate better communication and collaboration among stakeholders, including schools, districts, vendors, and government agencies.

Presenters' Biographies

Gormley Headshot 160x160Michael Gormley Jr. has been with the CobbleStone Software team since January of 2018. Michael progressed through his career at CobbleStone becoming a Senior Account Manager and then CobbleStone Sales Manager. During Michael’s time with CobbleStone he has assisted many clients in the evaluation and onboarding process to present the numerous benefits of CobbleStone’s CLM software, provided advanced support with client contract administration requirements, assisted with a frictionless implementation process, and supported post execution activities to ensure a positive client ROI.

Jamie Cowan- WSIPC Headshot-369Jamie Cowan has been with the WSIPC Cooperative since April of 2014. As an Account Manager on the Marketing and Communication team, Jamie oversees the marketing of the WSIPC Purchasing Program process and is a liaison with awarded vendors and current and potential customers utilizing partner solutions. Founded in 2001, the WSIPC Purchasing Program currently partners with 80 awarded vendors covering 22 competitively bid RFP categories. More information about the Purchasing Program and CobbleStone can be found at the following link:


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