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Embracing Digital Transformation for CLM Success


Managing a contract lifecycle is a multi-faceted process that, if inadequately overseen, can result in contract management bottlenecks, increase risk exposure, and diminish your organization's bottom line. Fortunately, contract lifecycle management software offers robust and AI-powered contract management software functionality that can also provide a means of centralizing the 4 main areas of digital transformation:

  • Technology
  • Data
  • Process
  • Organizational Growth

In this on-demand webinar, Michael Gormley Jr., CLM software expert, will show you how you can embrace digital transformation with CLM software that provides (among other leading features):

  • Securely store an unlimited number of contracts within a contract repository
  • A streamlined CLM experience with intelligent contract workflow automation
  • AI-based contract data extraction, field mapping, clause matching, and clause replacement
  • Rules-Based Workflow Tasks & Alerts
  • Expedited contract approvals and contract signing with integrated eSignature software
  • Supercharged contract drafting with pre-approved templates and clauses

Speaker Bio: Michael Gormley Jr. has been with the CobbleStone Software team since January of 2018. Michael progressed through his career at CobbleStone becoming a Senior Account Manager and then CobbleStone Sales Manager. During Michael’s time with CobbleStone he has assisted many clients in the evaluation and onboarding process to present the numerous benefits of CobbleStone’s CLM software, provided advanced support with client contract administration requirements, assisted with a frictionless implementation process, and supported post execution activities to ensure a positive client ROI.

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