4 Secondary Functions of CLM Software That Can Provide Immense Value

    By Sean Heck on 11/9/23

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    Today, let's talk about some secondary functions of contract lifecycle management (CLM) software that you may be missing out on that can provide immense value to your business processes.

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    10 Contract Management System Requirements Your Solution Needs & Why

    By Sean Heck on 10/6/23

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    There are many contract management solutions on the market. As such – searching for the best contract management software with which to manage contracts can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be; you just need to know which contract lifecycle management requirements to look for.

    As such, let’s discuss ten items on a contract management system requirements checklist to look for when deciding on a contract lifecycle management (CLM) software solution that saves time and money for your organization.

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    Boost AI-Based Contract Negotiations With CobbleStone® Auto-Redlining

    By Sean Heck on 11/8/22

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    The process of redlining contracts for contract negotiation can be challenging if done improperly.

    Organizations that edit documents manually in Microsoft Word can increase the chances of human errors. What’s more, constant back-and-forth edits via emailed documents can result in version control mistakes and broken formats. Mission-critical clauses and sections can either be left out of a legal document or improperly positioned. Additionally, the amount of time spent on tedious, outdated redlining processes can result in lost revenue and opportunities.

    Thankfully, your legal team can start saving time on the contract negotiation process with CobbleStone’s user-friendly auto-redlining tool - powered by VISDOM® artificial intelligence. Here’s how to leverage auto-redlining within CobbleStone Contract Insight® contract management software.

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    What Is Contract Management? Here’s What You Need To Know.

    By Sean Heck on 08/11/22

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    Contracts are legally binding agreements that define and govern the exchange of goods or services. A contract’s journey – from creation to fulfillment and completion – is complex and leaves room for errors and oversights. As such, a process has been generally agreed upon for the handling of contracts. This process is referred to as contract management.

    But what is contract management, and how can it be approached? Here’s what you need to know.

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