CobbleStone Employee Focus: Jennifer C., Requirements & Release Manager

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    CobbleStone Software Employee Focus Jennifer C.

    Meet Jennifer C., the Requirements and Release Manager at CobbleStone Software that has been a member of the CobbleStone® family since April 2019. Recently, we interviewed Jenn about her experience at CobbleStone where she kindly shared some insights into her role as well as advice she has for those considering a quality assurance career in SaaS/contract management software.

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    In your own words, tell us a little bit about your role as a Requirements & Release Manager here at CobbleStone Software.

    Jenn: The Requirements & Release group encompasses several different teams within CobbleStone: Product, User Experience, QA, IT Bids, and iPaaS. My role is to manage the different teams, ensuring the team members remain challenged and can grow within their roles and the company as well as ensuring we continue to facilitate the improvement and expansion of CobbleStone Contract Insight®. In addition, I am responsible for release management which involves working with key stakeholders to develop the product roadmap, assist with planning new features and enhancements, as well as managing the releases of updates to CobbleStone Contract Insight. I’m also a part of several process improvement initiatives within the IT department.

    What are the qualities you feel are important to be a successful CLM Requirements & Release Manager?

    Jenn: Not to sound cliché but you really are only as good as your team. However, among others, having empathy, being organized, having a process-oriented mindset, and critical and analytical thinking skills are key qualities.

    What is your favorite part about being a Requirements & Release Manager?

    Jenn: From a manager’s perspective, I love seeing my team members excel within and above their original roles. It’s exciting to see their growth! From the Requirements & Release perspective, it would be knowing the direct impact everyone in the group has toward the continued improvement and growth of CobbleStone Contract Insight and CobbleStone Software.


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    How do you stay up to date with CLM industry trends and technological advancements in contract management?

    Jenn: I subscribe to several newsletters, follow news from industry-related companies, and belong to a few professional groups on LinkedIn.

    What are your goals for this role and how have you been working to achieve them?

    Jenn: My overall goal is to create a team that has the dedication and passion to facilitate the growth and continued improvement of CobbleStone Contract Insight and CobbleStone Software as a whole.

    What advice would you give to someone just starting their career in the requirements & release sector for contract management software?

    Jenn: First and foremost, ensure you learn the software or product(s) you are working with. Absorb as much information as you can. It’s ok to make (and admit to making) mistakes so long as you use them as learning opportunities to improve moving forward. Listen and be observant to everything around you - you can learn so much just paying attention to things going on around the office throughout the day.


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    Published: 06/13/24
    Simran Bains

    Written by Simran Bains

    Simran Bains is Public Relations Coordinator at CobbleStone Software

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