A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Quick Search in Contract Insight

    By Rosemary Shields on 04/26/21

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    This blog was updated on April 27th, 2021.

    CobbleStone Contract Insight® offers a Quick Search feature that allows system users to easily search for specific requests, contract records, contracts, and related documents by searching for keywords or phrases.  This process is similar to a common search functionality we use on most online platforms (it’s fast and easy!).  Read on to learn how you can leverage the CobbleStone® Quick Search feature to streamline your contract management software processes.

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    Concurrent Contract Negotiation With Contract Insight® & Google Docs

    By Joshua Hansen on 04/15/21

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    Contract negotiations can be an arduous process, especially when relying on disparate emails and paper-based processes.  If you are pressed for time or simply want to maximize your workday, leveraging a cloud-based concurrent document editing solution can exponentially streamline your pre-award contract lifecycle management process.  Read on to learn how you can leverage Contract Insight’s seamless integration with Google Drive for cloud-enabled concurrent document management and swift contract collaboration with optimal oversight.


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    Online Contract Negotiations With MS Office 365 & Contract Insight®

    By Sean Heck on 04/14/21

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    Contract negotiations - if handled incorrectly - can be inefficient.  This holds especially true when organizations rely on paper-based processes and disparate emails.  If your organization needs a more rapid, robust, user-friendly, and streamlined process, consider leveraging a web-enabled concurrent document editing solution.  Cloud-based contract negotiations can exponentially expedite your pre-execution contract lifecycle management procedures.  Read on to learn how you can leverage CobbleStone Software's seamless integration of its contract management software suite - Contract Insight® - with Microsoft Office 365 for online concurrent document editing and rapid contract collaboration with enhanced oversight.*

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    Contract Lifecycle Management Part 2: Mastering Contract Management Series

    By Maria Votlucka on 04/1/21

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    This blog post was updated on April 1st, 2021

    In our previous Contract Insights blog, Contract Lifecycle Management Part 1: Mastering Contract Management Blog Series,” we discussed common contract lifecycle management tasks and processes that challenge organizations - and how these challenges can negatively impact contract lifecycles.  In this conclusion to that blog, we detail the reasons organizations should implement contract lifecycle management - as well as the core functionality that should be leveraged for the most powerful contract management software experience.

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