What Is Contract Management? Here’s What You Need To Know.

    By Sean Heck on 05/29/24

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    Contracts are legally binding agreements that define and govern the exchange of goods or services. A contract’s journey – from creation to fulfillment and completion – is complex and leaves room for errors and oversights. As such, a process has been generally agreed upon for the handling of contracts. This process is referred to as contract management.

    But what is contract management, and how can it be approached? Here’s what you need to know.

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    How Can Your Contract Process Be Improved?

    By Sean Heck on 05/27/24

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    A healthy contract management process should constantly be adapting to technological advancements.  As contract volume and contract complexity begin to grow, organizations must embrace digital transformation to be furnished with the right tools to streamline the contract management process.  Such innovative CLM tools can be found within a trusted contract management software system. Read on to learn more.

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    5 Essential Contract Management Tools for 2024

    By Sean Heck on 04/29/24

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    With new advancements and options for effective contract management continually evolving, we’ve detailed five essential contract management tools contract managers must empower themselves with to navigate the ever-changing landscape of contract management best practices going forward.

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    Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets for Contract Management in 2024

    By Sean Heck on 11/30/23

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    Spreadsheet-driven contract management processes are error-prone, time-wasting, inefficient, disorganized, and lacking in security.  Such practices should stay in the past; contract management professionals should begin 2024 with practical, centralized, user-friendly, and scalable contract lifecycle management solutions.

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