Contract Tracking: Mastering Contract Management Series

    By Maria Votlucka on 06/10/24

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    Contract tracking can be a significant challenge for legal teams, contract managers, sales teams, and other industry professionals.  Manual contract management processes may suffice for organizations with low contract volume and contract complexity.  However, when the number of contracts increases to hundreds, thousands, and beyond, contract failure rates increase exponentially.  Read on to learn how to master contract tracking with leading contract management software.

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    Better Liability Waiver Management With CLM Software

    By Sean Heck on 07/18/23

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    Liability waivers are indispensable for ensuring that parties involved in a business matter are aware of possible risks. However, managing liability waivers can become increasingly complex with the sheer number of participants - especially in sectors such as business and leisure events and adventure tourism. This is where contract management software becomes a game-changer - bringing efficiency and organization to the handling of these crucial documents.

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    Conquer Indemnity Agreements With Contract Management Software

    By Sean Heck on 07/6/23

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    In today's digitally driven world, legal operations are not left untouched. As technology continues to bleed into all avenues of life, the management of indemnity agreements - once a daunting task - has become significantly simplified with the advent of contract management software.

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    What Is a Contract Amendment? How Can Contract Amendments Be Managed?

    By Sean Heck on 08/30/22

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    A contract amendment is a modification of the terms and conditions of a contract or subcontract.

    Though we will explore contract amendments more in-depth, it is worth noting that changing the structure, duties, obligations, or rights of a contract requires increased oversight.

    To that end, let's explore contract amendments and how disparate, important, and sensitive information can be managed, and contract amendments can be executed smoothly for effective contract management.

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