Enforce Contract Data Archival and Retention Easily With CLM Software

    By Joshua Hansen on 04/14/22

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    Archiving and retaining contract data can prove challenging without the proper tools and procedures.  Contract data archival and retention processes can vary based on categorization, legality, and compliance variables.  Fortunately, leading contract management software can help sort through noise with the help of a secure contract repository, automated workflows, and timely notifications.

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    What Core Features Should You Look for in a Contract Management Software System?

    By Bradford Jones on 12/8/16

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    Contract management software is a must for many different industries. Before the development of contract management software systems, everything was done manually. This obviously had its drawbacks. Contract managers would be forced to store every contract into filing cabinets. Now, if there were just a few contracts this may have not been a major deal. However, most organizations deal with thousands of various contracts, making manual record keeping extremely difficult.

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