What Is Contract Negotiation and How Can Legal Technology Help?

    By Joshua Hansen on 08/9/23

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    Contract negotiation can create the difference between a strong or weak contract, which can directly impact the bottom line of an organization and the health of mutually-beneficial business relationships. As contract negotiation processes evolve at the speed of technological innovations, discover how leading-edge legal technology can empower your negotiation processes - including the use of robust version control, document collaboration, rules-based clause ownership, redlining software, and more.  While contract negotiations can take their necessary time, automating the process of negotiating agreements and contract terms where possible allows you to focus more on contract negotiation strategy and bargaining power.

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    7 Reasons Contract Reminder Software Is Key for Business Efficiency

    By Sean Heck on 06/13/23

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    In the intricately woven landscape of today's business world, contract management becomes a cornerstone for operational efficiency. Contract reminder software has emerged as a vital tool in this space. It fosters a level of organizational effectiveness that is truly indispensable. So, let’s discuss how you can automate contracts with reminders galore!

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    6 Healthcare Contract Management Tools for Stronger Contracts

    By Joshua Hansen on 04/12/23

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    Healthcare contract management relying on manual processes can reduce efficiency for healthcare contract stakeholders, decrease revenue, and increase liability.  Contract lifecycle management bottlenecks can decrease the efficiency of resources, compromise contract security, and disorganize crucial data.  Read on to learn how to leverage six healthcare contract management software tools for stronger contracts.

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    Contract Lifecycle Automation - End-to-End CLM Efficiency

    By Joshua Hansen on 12/14/22

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    Managing contracts can be challenging for legal, procurement, and contract management professionals, especially when primarily relying on manual processes.

    Managing the contract lifecycle can prove difficult with spreadsheets, emails, filing cabinets, and other disparate tools.

    Contract lifecycle management requires careful planning, the right technology, a well-planned contract strategy, and holistic contract lifecycle automation processes.  Thankfully, robust contract management softwarewith a foundation of AI and machine learning can help automate contract lifecycle management processes.

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