4 Different Phases of Contract Management & How to Tackle Them

By Sean Heck on 01/14/22

Contract management is a multi-faceted process.  Without oversight over each stage in the life of a contract, your organization can suffer from process bottlenecks, missed contract obligations and tasks, wasted time, lawsuits, decreased revenue, and missed opportunities - to name a few.  Fortunately, you can increase your ROI by better understanding approaching contract management.  Here are the four phases of contract management and how to tackle them with contract management software.

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6 Reasons Why Contract Management Is Necessary

By Sean Heck on 01/11/22

Contract management is a process that has been embraced by contract professionals of numerous industries worldwide.  But why do organizations need contract management?  Read on to discover six reasons why contract management is necessary - and how you can positively transform contract management with user-friendly contract management software.

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The Top 8 Items for Legal Digital Transformation in 2022

By Mark Nastasi on 12/23/21

CobbleStone Software’s Executive VP and Founder, Mark Nastasi, narrows down his top eight items of recommendation to help you lead your legal digital transformation in 2022.

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Expedite Contract Assembly - Contract Management Best Practices Series

By Sean Heck on 12/9/21

Contract assembly (or contract document assembly) is essential in contract lifecycle management.  Contract stakeholders and document assembly resources gather to assemble a cohesive and accurate contract document.  However, inefficient contract document assembly processes involving the lack of a central location for contracts, scattered contract clauses, outdated contract language, subcontracts disconnected from related contract documents, and no clarity regarding up-to-date contract document versions can leave your organization open to increased risk.  Contract risk can include contract non-compliance, revenue leakage, unfulfilled obligations, lawsuits, and missed opportunity.  Avoid contract risk and get the highest ROI from your contracts by discovering how to expedite contract document assembly with leading contract management software.  Read this entry from our Contract Management Best Practices Series.

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