CobbleStone® PC Helper App: MS Excel

    By Sean Heck on 08/15/23

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    As was detailed in our blogs on CobbleStone’s PC Helper Apps for MS Outlook and MS Word, contract lifecycle management is a multi-faceted process.  On top of that, managing all of the data points that come with contracts can be time-consuming and prone to error. If tasked with managing many contracts, employees, vendors, requests, and purchase orders, a contract management team can quickly drown in disparate spreadsheet documents, columns, and rows without a place to put them.

    To help contract managers avoid these issues and more, CobbleStone provides a seamless connection between CobbleStone Contract Insight® and MS Excel. Read on to learn more.

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    CobbleStone Software Finishes 2020 With Record-Breaking Growth

    By Sean Heck on 01/22/21

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    CobbleStone Software is proud to announce that we have finished 2020 with record-breaking growth.  From expanding our client base to bringing new innovations to the forefront of contract management software and more, here are some noteworthy CobbleStone Software achievements from 2020.

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    CobbleStone PC Helper App Part 2: MS Word

    By Sean Heck on 10/28/20

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    As was detailed in our recent blog on CobbleStone’s PC Helper App for MS Outlook, contract generation is a multi-faceted process.  A unified procedure for contract collaboration, contract writing, and contract negotiation can be hard to come by.  The “track changes” feature that comes with MS Word out of the box can help make the contract negotiation process easier with redlining.  However, version control issues can arise when contract stakeholders work on different computers in disparate locations.  In turn, documents that are saved locally can easily get lost – potentially resulting in more work for involved contract stakeholders.

    To avoid issues such as lost document versions and contract lifecycle bottlenecks, CobbleStone Software’s latest release of its celebrated contract management software – Contract Insight® 17.7.0 – offers a PC Helper App that seamlessly integrates with MS Word. Here’s how to use that functionality.

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    CobbleStone PC Helper App Part 1: MS Outlook

    By Joshua Hansen on 10/23/20

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    Many times, contract managers work in a fast-paced environment with short deadlines.  When dealing with an influx of emails containing a plethora of documents, the lack of integration between an email platform and a contract management system can cause important documents to fall through the cracks - thus increasing contract workflow inefficiencies. Thankfully, a user-friendly contract lifecycle management software system integrated with MS Outlook can streamline the contract lifecycle.  This, in turn, helps contract managers, legal teams, procurement professionals, and sourcing professionals save more time and reduce contract workflow bottlenecks.

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