Contract Generation: Mastering Contract Management Series

    By Sean Heck on 03/22/24

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    Generation of legally binding contracts from verbal agreements can be challenging for contract, procurement, and legal professionals.  Manual contract generation or contract creation can be tedious and error-prone.  Moreover, a manual approach to document assembly can put organizations in the precarious position of facing:

    • significant process bottlenecks.
    • compliance issues.
    • increased risk.
    • excessive fines.

    It’s time to save time and take control of contract creation.  Learn how to transform your manual generation process into a value-centric strategy. Make this transformation with the help of leading contract management software.

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    7 Ways to Improve Document Management Processes

    By Sean Heck on 02/9/24

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    Many legal professionals face the daunting task of managing a growing volume of contracts efficiently and securely. The manual handling of such important documents is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors - leading to potential compliance issues and operational inefficiencies. Enter contract management software; among many other things, it is a document management solution designed to streamline the organization, access, and management of various types of documents.

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    8 Use Case Examples of Legal Document Automation Software

    By Sean Heck on 06/7/23

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    When you think of managing contracts, do you visualize a never-ending mountain of paperwork and legal mumbo-jumbo? If so, it's time to change your strategy and embrace the cutting-edge world of legal document automation software. This transformative technology is revamping the traditional contract management process - paving the way for efficiency, accuracy, and ease of use.

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    Contract Drafting Made Easy With Contract Software

    By Sean Heck on 11/28/22

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    Contract drafting is a multi-faceted and complex process.  Document collaboration, contract authoring, negotiation, terms and conditions, and other relevant steps can be challenging. They are all the more challenging if you are relying on manual tools - such as shared drives and emails.  Leave tedious, manual contract drafting methods in the past by embracing robust contract management software.

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