What is Contract Lifecycle Management?

By Sean Heck on 10/17/19

Organizations of all sizes need to juggle multiple contracts at a time, with each contract being at a different stage of the contract lifecycle. Leading contract lifecycle management software is crucial in reducing risk, improving productivity, and maximizing a contract’s value.

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Contract Lifecycle Management Part 2: Mastering Contract Management Series

By Maria Votlucka on 05/1/19

In last week’s blog, Contract Lifecycle Management Part 1: Mastering Contract Management Blog Series,” the common tasks and contract management processes that challenge organizations and how these challenges align with and negatively impact contract lifecycles was discussed. In this final blog post in the “Mastering Contract Management Blog Series," the reasons organizations should implement contract lifecycle management and the core functionality that should be considered in contract management software is revealed.

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Contract Lifecycle Management Part 1: Mastering Contract Management Series

By Maria Votlucka on 04/26/19

Contract lifecycle management requires a well-thought-out strategy, careful planning, and the right technology. Without all three elements, managing contracts will not only be challenging for contract, procurement, and legal professionals; it won’t be possible to get the most business value out of your organization’s contracts. Too many organizations are missing end-to-end contract management that provides a clearly defined process, actionable insights, and accountability, ultimately negatively impacting productivity, profitability, risk exposure, and compliance. Learn how to master contract lifecycle management in this blog.

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How Contract Management & Contract Lifecycle Management Differ

By Maria Votlucka on 01/2/19

The terms "contract management" and "contract lifecycle management" may seem synonymous however, there are clear lines that can make or break the positive impact and value that contracts create. Organizations looking for opportunities to improve processes, profitability, compliance, and security must develop an understanding of the difference between contract management and contract lifecycle management so when the time is right, they can adeptly leverage contracts to achieve organizational goals and reach new heights.

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