The Benefits of a Secure Contract Repository

    By Sean Heck on 06/5/24

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    Successful contract management requires you to embrace a centralized and secure process.  Manual contract management methods - such as filing cabinets for paper documentation, spreadsheets, emails, and disorganized digital storage – won’t cut it as your contract portfolio grows.  These methods make it nearly impossible for your organization to maintain version control, keep contracts and data secure, stay on top of key dates and milestones, and enforce contract archiving and retention rules.  Your organization can scrap these outdated methods in favor of something better.  As such, here are the benefits of a secure contract repository within leading, AI-powered contract management software.

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    CobbleStone Contract Insight® 17.11.0: Master New Tools to Enhance CLM

    By Sean Heck on 03/22/22

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    CobbleStone Software's latest version – CobbleStone Contract Insight® Enterprise 17.11.0 – has come, introducing next-level CLM features and enhancements for you to master to bring your contract management software platform to the next level!

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    How and why did Contract Management Software Arise?

    By CobbleStone Systems on 11/10/16

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    Written by Chris Bejsiuk, Marketing/Sales at CobbleStone Software.

    Do you remember the days when there wasn’t sufficient technology to make our jobs easier?

    Everything on paper.  Office floors filled entirely of documents because people ran out of space - that is something I have actually seen with my own eyes.  Messy offices tend to lead to misplaced documents, which could lead to dire consequences like, say, lawsuits.

    So when did a solution for all of this arise?

    In 1995, CobbleStone Software was created, and came up with the answers.

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    Ensuring the Cyber-Security of Your Business

    By Samantha Smith on 08/13/15

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    Cyber-security has become a huge concern for businesses today.  More and more organizations are falling victim to cyber-attacks due to improper handling and storage of sensitive data as well as lower security precautions. Our modern dependence on the convenience and connectedness that technology allows has made organizations more vulnerable to security risks. These threats have become so widespread that President Obama issued an executive order earlier this year mandating stricter cyber-security regulations and imposing stricter sanctions on organizations that engage in cyber-attacks that threaten national security and infrastructure.

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