CobbleStone Employee Spotlight: Kyle Sipple, Senior Account Manager

By Sean Heck on 02/10/20

 Kyle Sipple, a Senior Account Manager at CobbleStone, recently won the award for being the 2019 Account Manager of the Year – and he doesn’t plan on slowing down in 2020.  Kyle has been a member of the CobbleStone team since 2015, helping the company evolve into the global contract management empire that it is today.  We caught up with Kyle on the heels of his big win to discuss his experience at CobbleStone as well as how he has become a Contract Insight® sales expert over the years.

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CobbleStone Employee Spotlight: Matthew Hughes, Senior Account Manager

By Rosemary Shields on 05/10/19

Matthew Hughes, a Senior Account Manager at CobbleStone, was recently awarded Account Manager of the Year for 2018 and says he is working towards another great year for 2019.  Matthew has been with CobbleStone since May 2012 and has seen the company grow into a contract management empire with thousands of users spanning the globe.  We interviewed Matthew about his experience at CobbleStone over the years and how he’s become a Contract Insight® expert since starting in 2012.

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