What Is Legal Operations Software?

    By Joshua Hansen on 06/8/22

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    As a legal operations professional, you hold a tremendous responsibility within your organization – especially in managing internal and external stakeholder processes.  Relying on manual contract management processes such as spreadsheets, emails, and shared drives can create inefficient contract management processes that can decrease revenue, waste time, and increase risk.  Read on to learn how legal operations software and contract management software can empower your day-to-day legal operations.

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    How To Improve Legal Operations With Contract Management Software

    By Sean Heck on 04/23/21

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    In-house counsel, paralegals, and other legal professionals are eager to streamline legal operations with lower cost and increased ROI.  As such, they should be happy to know that there is a way to optimize and centralize spend management, efficiency and productivity, communication, contract lifecycle management processes, contract data analytics, and more.  Here is how to improve legal ops with leading legal contract management software.

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    See CobbleStone's AI-Powered Document Management Software at Legalweek

    By Sean Heck on 01/29/20

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    CobbleStone Software will be exhibiting AI-powered legal document management solutions at the Legalweek New York 2020 Conference.  This highly anticipated legal technology event takes place February 3-6, 2020, at the New York Hilton in Midtown Manhattan. 

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    What to Look for in a Document Assembly Solution

    By Sean Heck on 12/12/19

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    The omnipresent challenge that General Counsel and paralegals face is the growing complexity and volume of contracts.  An unsatisfactory legal contract management process makes the most difficult contract management obstacles for legal departments nearly impossible to overcome.

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