Contract Management Conferences 2020: Here Are Your Top 10

    By Maria Votlucka on 01/2/20

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    Contract management conferences are a great opportunity for contract administration, legal, procurement, and government professionals to learn best practices and keep current with industry trends, discover new technology, and network.  Contract volumes and complexity are increasing rapidly across most industries, so don’t miss the opportunity to find new ways to take control of contracts and integrate emerging contract management technology.  Here is a list of 2020’s top ten contract management conferences.

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    Who Needs Contract Management Software?

    By Sean Heck on 11/15/19

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    Many different types of organizations can enhance their respective source-to-contract needs with user-friendly and flexible contract management solutions.  To that end, we’ve examined five key organizational roles and explore their contract management challenges and how they can empower themselves with leading contract management software.

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