What Is DPA? Managing Data Processing Agreements With CLM Software

    By Sean Heck on 09/5/23

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    In the baseball game of data protection, mastering the rules and strategies is as critical as practicing the fundamentals at spring training. Enter the world of data processing agreements (DPAs) and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). We will learn about these agreements and regulations, as well as how contract management software helps ensure businesses don't just play but dominate in this crucial stadium.

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    The Benefits of a Secure Contract Repository

    By Sean Heck on 08/23/21

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    Successful contract management requires you to embrace a centralized and secure process.  Manual contract management methods - such as filing cabinets for paper documentation, spreadsheets, emails, and disorganized digital storage – won’t cut it.  These methods make it nearly impossible for your organization to maintain version control, keep contracts and data secure, stay on top of key dates and milestones, and enforce contract archiving and retention rules.  Your organization can scrap these outdated methods in favor of something better.  As such, here are the benefits of a secure contract repository within leading contract management software.

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    Maximize User Permissions Oversight With Contract Management Software

    By Sean Heck on 12/18/20

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    If your organization is planning on leveraging contract management software, it is crucial that your team is aware of how to oversee user permissions effectively.  The terms of many contracts necessitate user permissions parameters to be put in place regarding access to contract documents, files, field data, reports, and more.  Manually managing user permissions with methods involving spreadsheets or unsecured folders, access that must be approved or restricted via disparate emails or other decentralized communication, or the nearly impossible task of managing different levels and stages of access as the contract lifecycle ensues can leave your organization at legal and regulatory risk.  Learn how to mitigate such risk factors and more with cutting-edge contract lifecycle management software.

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    6 Media Contract Management KPIs for Success

    By Joshua Hansen on 12/1/20

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    Managing various types of entertainment and media contracts from varying locations, often internationally, with multiple departments and roles can be an arduous process - especially when relying on disparate methods such as postal mail, wet-signatures, filing cabinets, emails, shared network drives, and lengthy paper-based negotiations.  Dealing with and tracking a high volume of contracts – from intellectual property contracts to option agreements, among many others - can be tremendously challenging without the right contract management system in place.

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