5 Ways Generative AI for Legal Contracts Can Boost CLM Productivity

    By Mark Nastasi on 06/1/23

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    The use of artificial intelligence is all the buzz right now. From Microsoft Bing’s use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Google’s Bard AI Chat Bot - the topic of responsible use of artificial intelligence continues to trend. To add to that, generative artificial intelligence (a useful AI technology feature that generates human-like content) is being reviewed extensively - not only from a usability perspective, but from a legal work standpoint.

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    Contract Summary Software: 5 Tips To Help Your Legal Team

    By Sean Heck on 05/18/23

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    Welcome – all of you wonderful contract dorks - to the thrilling new world of contract summary software! Most people would not put “thrilling” and “contract summary” next to one another, but that is simply because they are not legal experts who know just how fun contracts can be!

    We're about to explore the groundbreaking utility that will restructure the way you manage contracts in your organization. After all, who doesn't love saving time, reducing contract risk, and improving the efficiency of contract processes? Let’s provide you with some benefits of contract summary software and five tips to help your legal team succeed.

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    5 Reasons NLP Contract Management Is a Business Game-Changer

    By Sean Heck on 05/3/23

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    Brave and tame the endless jungle of contract jargon and legalese with NLP-driven contract management! Enjoy a fun and easy way to unleash your business potential for contracts and other legal documents.

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    Efficiently Manage ESG Contract Clauses With AI-Backed CLM Software

    By Joshua Hansen on 04/26/23

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    As ESG (environmental, social, and governance) variables continue to play an integral role within organizations and serve as a prioritized component within business decision-making, ESG clauses in contracts are increasingly at the forefront of contract negotiations and compliance. 

    Without the right contract management tools, ESG contract clause language can elongate negotiations and cause post-award compliance tracking difficulties.

    Fortunately, AI-backed contract management software offers unique tools for reducing pre-award and post-award ESG contract clause bottlenecks so your team can address ESG principles and ESG goals. Read on to learn how.

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