Navigating the Jungle of Contract Auditing with CLM Software

    By Sean Heck on 05/16/23

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    Hello, and welcome to the "Jungle of Business Contracts" - where we tame the wild beasts of contract portfolios, deals, counterparties, and internal processes with the shepherd’s crook of legal technology. Today, we are going to embark on an expedition into the dense thicket of contract auditing. By the time we're finished, you'll be navigating this jungle like a panther - agile and confident.

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    6 Problems Faced in Contract Management (And How To Solve Them)

    By Sean Heck on 04/5/22

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    As contract management is a multi-faceted process with numerous steps and moving parts, it is easy for your organization to face problems.  This risk of contract management issues is significantly increased if your organization leverages manual or antiquated contract management tools.  To elucidate the CLM hardships you face and encourage growth - here is a list of six problems you might encounter in contract management.  After that, we can note how to solve such issues with contract management software.

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    6 Reasons Why Contract Management Is Necessary

    By Sean Heck on 01/11/22

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    Contract management is a process that has been embraced by contract professionals of numerous industries worldwide.  But why do organizations need contract management?  Read on to discover six reasons why contract management is necessary - and how you can positively transform contract management with user-friendly contract management software.

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    4 Contract Visibility Tools To Prevent Lost Contract Management Value

    By Sean Heck on 01/6/22

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    Contract visibility during contract management can be hard to maintain.  Without the right tools for successful contract oversight, your organization can lose sight of contracts.  Up-to-date contract document versions can be scattered amongst outdated ones.  Contracts and contract data can be lost or misplaced if stored improperly.  Contracts can be difficult to access and yield meaningful insights from with tedious and error-prone searching methods.  Key dates and milestones can be missed - causing contract lifecycle bottlenecks, missed obligations, and compliance issues.  Luckily, it doesn't need to be this way.  Read on to discover four contract visibility tools with user-friendly contract management software.

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