What Is Contract Management in Healthcare?

    By Sean Heck on 04/17/24

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    What is contract management in the context of the healthcare industry?  What steps, tasks, and requirements are involved?  What does your organization need to do to maintain proper healthcare contract management processes?  What tools can your organization use to centralize and streamline healthcare contract management?  

    Read on to discover how to take advantage of effective contract management in healthcare with leading contract management software.

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    Managing HIPAA Business Associate Agreements: The Ultimate Guide

    By Sean Heck on 03/12/24

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    The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a crucial regulation with which healthcare organizations and professionals around the world are all too familiar. At the risk of oversimplification for expediency, it is designed to protect sensitive health information from being disclosed without patient knowledge or consent. Central to HIPAA compliance are business associate agreements (BAAs) - contracts that support a foundation of privacy, security, and integrity of patient data as it flows through the various invisible hands of the healthcare ecosystem. The stakes are high for healthcare organizations - for the legal and financial ramifications of business associate contract mismanagement can erode the reputation and stability of a business. As such, let's explore how to make overseeing these complex and critical contracts as smooth and efficient as possible.

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    6 Healthcare Contract Management Tools for Stronger Contracts

    By Joshua Hansen on 04/12/23

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    Healthcare contract management relying on manual processes can reduce efficiency for healthcare contract stakeholders, decrease revenue, and increase liability.  Contract lifecycle management bottlenecks can decrease the efficiency of resources, compromise contract security, and disorganize crucial data.  Read on to learn how to leverage six healthcare contract management software tools for stronger contracts.

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    How Mass eSignatures Boost Healthcare Compliance & Efficiency

    By Jessica Troppello on 06/13/22

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    Within the healthcare industry, keeping documents and files up-to-date is crucial to maintaining compliance.  Healthcare agencies, such as the FDA, NHS, and Health Canada, are continually monitoring hospitals, physician's offices, and other healthcare facilities to ensure healthcare professionals, administrators, and providers are keeping up with legal requirements.  The maintenance of healthcare compliance and healthcare CLM efficiency requires significant time and resources invested in signing processes.  With so many documents and versions to sign, there is room for error - and healthcare compliance can be jeopardized.  Luckily, healthcare contract management software can provide mass eSignatures for maximized healthcare compliance and efficiency.  Here's how.

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