Why Purchase Contract Management Software Through GSA?

By Rosemary Shields on 08/6/19

What is GSA?

Discover GSA and its many benefits to government organizations. 

When investing in contract management software, discuss with your chosen provider the option of purchasing through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).  GSA provides eligible agencies (often government) with the option to purchase products and services, such as contract management software, through a schedule, which is an approved and maintained contract through GSA.  Using this method to purchase contract management software eliminates the need for negotiations and makes the purchasing process much more efficient for all parties involved. 

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Improve Your Contract Management By Government Fiscal Year End

By Rosemary Shields on 06/10/19

Government Fiscal Year End is quickly approaching, and you’ve got to decide what the best investment will be for your remaining budget.  Government contract management and purchasing professionals should examine their current processes for contract management, purchasing, and sourcing inefficiencies by answering the following questions:

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3 Government Contract Management Conferences for 2019

By Rosemary Shields on 05/23/19

Contract management processes vary based on industry and organization, and government agencies should take advantage of conferences that are unique to them.  That’s why we’ve hand-picked some of the best government contract management conferences for 2019 so government contracting professionals can network and learn in a familiar environment and from relatable experiences.  These three government contract management conferences will allow you to hear from industry leaders on how to overcome contract management challenges and learn about solutions to support your process. 

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A CobbleStone Client Success Story: El Paso County

By Rosemary Shields on 02/22/19

Missed deadlines, lack of communication, and other contract management challenges are seen far too often in the government sector and can be eliminated with the right software and process.  From requisitions and approvals to intelligent workflows and online collaboration, CobbleStone presents system users with a streamlined process that can be used for cost-effective contracting, legal compliance, transparency, and more.

Learn from this client success story how the El Paso County, Texas Auditor’s Office used CobbleStone’s Contract Insight™ to help overcome common contract management challenges related to their government-regulated processes.

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