Vendor Agreements: The 5 Essential Elements They Should Have

    By Sean Heck on 07/26/23

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    A vendor agreement - an indispensable business contract - outlines the terms of the exchange of goods or services between a business and a vendor. This written agreement not only provides clarity of terms and conditions, but also protects both parties' interests. Here are the five essential elements every comprehensive vendor agreement should include for healthy vendor management, successful operations, and increased ROI.

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    Healthy Vendor Contract Management - 4 Simple Steps

    By Sean Heck on 10/20/22

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    We would venture to say that all businesses from various industries in the public and private sectors need vendors. Vendor relationships help power business processes. Vendors can provide supplies, services, maintenance, and raw materials for generating products. As such, it is important that organizations maintain business relationships with third-party vendors.

    Unfortunately – as is the case with most things – there is a right and a wrong way to go about vendor management.

    Contract and procurement teams need to sidestep spend leakage, detrimental terms, and soured vendor relationships. On the other hand, proper vendor contract management can set the stage for positive growth and opportunity realization. Here’s how.

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    CobbleStone® Recognized as a High Performer in G2 Spring 2022 Reports

    By Joshua Hansen on 03/31/22

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    We are pleased to announce that CobbleStone Contract Insight® Enterprise is recognized as a High Performer for Contract Lifecycle Management and Vendor Management in the G2 Spring 2022 Reports.  Such acknowledgment further establishes CobbleStone Software as a world-class contract management software provider.  Read on to learn more about CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise's robust features and high user satisfaction that support its standing as a High Performer in the G2 Spring 2022 Reports.

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    CobbleStone Contract Insight® 17.11.0: Master New Tools to Enhance CLM

    By Sean Heck on 03/22/22

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    CobbleStone Software's latest version – CobbleStone Contract Insight® Enterprise 17.11.0 – has come, introducing next-level CLM features and enhancements for you to master to bring your contract management software platform to the next level!

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