Contract Termination: A Simple, 3-Step Approach

By Sean Heck on 05/13/20

Contract termination involves a contract party ending a contract before its obligations are fully performed by both parties.  The cancellation of a contract should involve crucial financial analysis, contract performance data analytics, and the creation of a notice of termination.  As such, organizations need a strategy to identify contracts that are not meeting contract KPIs, to write notices of contract termination, and to ensure proper contract closeout.  This article will show you how to easily implement this strategy.

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Improve Data-Driven Contract Management with Contract Insight®

By Sean Heck on 04/22/20

Data-driven contract management is the building block for contract data processing and contract analytics, providing the necessary insights for organizations to reduce contract cycle times with improved control, governance, and visibility. Organizations can turn contracts into essential, data-driven sources of business intelligence that support strategies, tactics, and goals with the help of CobbleStone’s source-to-contract software, Contract Insight®. Here’s how.

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Tracking & Reporting Financial Data in Contract Insight®

By Sean Heck on 04/14/20

The comprehensive, organized tracking and reporting of financials are vital aspects of proper contract lifecycle management. Organizations need a contract management software solution that allows them to track transactions, establish reports on key financials, set alerts for thresholds, and analyze financial statistics pertaining to contracts.  In this article you will learn how CobbleStone Software’s source-to-contract suite, Contract Insight, can help your organization with the careful management of contract financials in one centralized platform. 

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Cut Business Costs During Times of Crisis with Contract Insight®

By Sean Heck on 04/8/20

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed contract management, procurement, and sourcing professionals into uncharted waters regarding their business operations.  Organizations need to quickly find ways to cut contract-related costs and save money during times of crisis such as pandemics, economic recessions, company acquisitions/mergers, and downturns in business.  CobbleStone Software’s Contract Insight can help. Here’s how.

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