How To Navigate the CobbleStone Contract Insight® Documentation Wiki

    By Adam Widmeier on 08/5/21

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    Not every CobbleStone Software user is a master of contract management right away - and that's OK!  Whether you have been using CobbleStone® as your go-to contract management software solution for days, months, or even years, there’s a good chance that you don’t know every last detail the system has to offer.  In a contract lifecycle management system that offers so many robust and user-friendly CLM tools, trying to learn new processes from scratch can become overwhelming.  With the CobbleStone Contract Insight® Documentation Wiki, we try to capture every part of each process, allowing users to follow along for a seamless learning experience.  Read on to learn how to navigate the CobbleStone Contract Insight Documentation Wiki with ease!

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    Help at Your Fingertips With the CobbleStone Contract Insight® Wiki

    By Adam Widmeier on 05/7/21

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    CobbleStone Contract Insight® users can leverage the CobbleStone Contract Insight wiki/user manual to promote the best possible utilization of their system.  Whether you are a CobbleStone user or a potential user, you can read this article - written by CobbleStone Software Documentation & Training Specialist Adam Widmeier - to learn how to maximize the many contract management software features available with CobbleStone Contract Insight.

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    4 Signs It's Time to Walk Away from Your Contract Management Software

    By Jessica Troppello on 08/13/18

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    Did We Choose the Wrong Contract Management Software Provider?

    Your organization invested in contract management software to effectively manage the contract lifecycle with less overwhelm, more automation, more visibility, and more predictability.  But what if the lackluster results you’re experiencing aren't worth the time and money you put into the implementation?

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    Reduce Contractual Risk Through Contract Management

    By Bradford Jones on 01/4/18

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    Legal contracts are the foundation for companies of every size in every industry, with your business being no exception. Contracts are the written handshake that solidifies your relationship and outlines the promises that both parties have made to each other. Once that contract is in place it’s important to your business and its bottom line that you continue to monitor your contracts to ensure the parties involved are living up to their best practices and standards.

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