4 Secondary Functions of CLM Software That Can Provide Immense Value

    By Sean Heck on 11/9/23

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    Today, let's talk about some secondary functions of contract lifecycle management (CLM) software that you may be missing out on that can provide immense value to your business processes.

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    Work Smarter With CobbleStone Software Modules in 2019

    By Mark Nastasi on 06/6/19

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    Today’s procurement, legal, and sales professionals are very busy onboarding new vendors and customers, reviewing contracts, quoting deals, and qualifying leads and suppliers.  Those efforts combined with the task of data entry, learning new software management systems, checking e-mails, and other duties leaves little time to accomplish quality work.  By implementing simple and easy-to-use software tools, you can allow your staff to become more productive and allot their time to more intelligent work. 

    Learn how leveraging CobbleStone’s contract management software modules can help you and your organization work smarter when it comes to contract, purchasing, and sourcing processes. 

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