4 Ways a Proper Electronic Contract Improves Contract Management

By Sean Heck on 11/22/22

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Traditional paper contracts were replaced long ago by better contract processes. The paper document has been foregone in favor of digital contracts. However, not all computer-based contract management processes are created equal.

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Boost AI-Based Contract Negotiations With CobbleStone® Auto-Redlining

By Sean Heck on 11/8/22

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The process of redlining contracts for contract negotiation can be challenging if done improperly.

Organizations that edit documents manually in Microsoft Word can increase the chances of human errors. What’s more, constant back-and-forth edits via emailed documents can result in version control mistakes and broken formats. Mission-critical clauses and sections can either be left out of a legal document or improperly positioned. Additionally, the amount of time spent on tedious, outdated redlining processes can result in lost revenue and opportunities.

Thankfully, your legal team can start saving time on the contract negotiation process with CobbleStone’s user-friendly auto-redlining tool - powered by VISDOM® artificial intelligence. Here’s how to leverage auto-redlining within CobbleStone Contract Insight® contract management software.

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What Is Contract Management Software?

By Sean Heck on 10/17/22

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As your organization grows, so do the complexity and volume of your contracts. Your contract management process needs to expand with your company. This is where a contract management system comes in.

But how can your business users prepare for growth with a better way of managing contracts?

Read on to find out!

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Million-Clause Project Milestone - 500K Clauses Fed To Contract AI!

By Sean Heck on 09/6/22

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In April 2022, we announced CobbleStone's exciting million-clause initiative to nourish and enhance VISDOM® AI - CobbleStone Software's proprietary contract intelligence engine with machine learning.  In June 2022, we announced that 330K contract clauses had been fed to VISDOM contract AI.  Now, we are thrilled to announce that over 500,000 clauses have been "fed" to VISDOM thus far!  This stage in the momentous 1,000,000 contract clause project is just one of many testaments to why CobbleStone® has been hailed as the leader in contract management software.

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