Unleashing the Power of AI in Contract Management for Lawyers

    By Sean Heck on 10/24/23

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    Legal professionals are increasingly leveraging technological innovations to enhance efficiency, time savings, and accuracy. One of these powerful tools for legal work includes AI systems. AI for lawyers has become a cornerstone in transforming traditional legal practices. Legal AI is not a concept of the future but a present reality, altering the landscape of contract management and various legal processes. Such automated tools have not replaced lawyers; instead, they save time on processes such as document review and those that involve managing a large amount of data, stakeholders, tasks, and contract executions.

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    What Is a Contract Amendment? How Can Contract Amendments Be Managed?

    By Sean Heck on 08/30/22

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    A contract amendment is a modification of the terms and conditions of a contract or subcontract.

    Though we will explore contract amendments more in-depth, it is worth noting that changing the structure, duties, obligations, or rights of a contract requires increased oversight.

    To that end, let's explore contract amendments and how disparate, important, and sensitive information can be managed, and contract amendments can be executed smoothly for effective contract management.

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    6 Elements of a Contract - An Easy-to-Understand Overview

    By Sean Heck on 08/25/22

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    Business relationships power various industries within the public and private sectors. At the crux of virtually every business relationship is a contract. Contracts serve to cement the obligations, duties, and expectations of two or more engaged business parties.

    But what are contracts really? How do they work on a fundamental level?

    Let’s explore six key elements of a contract that are widely applicable to almost every business relationship – and why they matter for effective contract management.

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